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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teens Involved in Bridgeport Video Beating Placed on Electronic Monitoring

Another kid involved in that cowardly ass beating of a defenseless young man on Youtube, happens to be the son of another Cook County Sheriff.

What the hell?

So who are the other little fuckers related to? A judge, lawyer, doctor, drug dealer, pimp?

Each lawyer or parent related to this case are quick to state that none of these goons were raised that way.
I call them goons because if they were any other race, that is what the media would call them - they'd probably throw in phrases like, "pack of animals" too.

Let's crack parents, Mom isn't a chick turning tricks for meth, and Dad isn't an out of work auto worker.

So where did they learn this shit?
Is it learned behavior from a movie, rap video, or some secret family dysfunctional stuff from home?
The assumption is that these kids were raised in a good home. At least that's what they want us to believe.

It just amazes me that these otherwise "good" kids just suddenly went buckwild and ballistic like street thugs out of the clear fucking blue.

There's no excuse no matter what race they would've have been, but it is just amazing that these guys get a free pass, by just wearing electronic devices around their ankles.

You have to wonder if they were minority teens, would they'd be locked up.

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