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Friday, August 31, 2012

Part II

Not sure if I was suppose to laugh or sit there with my mouth wide open.

I'm referring to Clint Eastwood's rendition of old man on a rant.

There has to be a reason why Cackling Clint behaved the way he did.

Maybe it was happy hour and he had a few sips before going on stage.

Maybe it was a medical problem.

Medicine? Nope that wasn't it.

Senile? Quite possibly. No he's one of the sharpest TOOLS out there, even for an old fart.

Then again, when you have an eighty two year old man speaking to an empty chair, what the fuck an I suppose to conclude?

Out of all the celebrities that Mitt could get, he chose Cranky Clint.

This shit didn't help your cause, it hurt you even more.

You have thousands of people in an arena, trying to muster up a giggle to make this fool feel good about himself.

The runaway rambling  that would not stop. 

I never knew Clint was a comedian. I don't think Clint knows he's not.

Some celebrities should stay on the sidelines and obviously, "Make my day" is one of them.

I won't lie, it was fun and painful watching that train wreck, until Mitt Rich Romney took the stage.

By doing so, Mittster made it more apparent that he is not the man for the job.

He's stiff as hell and Paul Ryan is a rambling, over the top, drama queen.

Where's the middle ground?


So in order to get the black vote, the media and  Ryan's camp wants us to know he date a black women.

So did I at one time!

MESSAGE: No one cares!

Ryan, stay true to what your main focus is.

That would be putting every vagina in a cookie jar, under your and ASSHOLE AKINS'S control!

I will  probably go overboard. As a woman reading this post, it should piss you off every time you see that
pretty fucker on television!

As far as speaking about the economy, it won't be decent for the next twelve years.

We can thank the Republican party for that.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republican Convention

Here's my take on what I saw.

Let's start with Mama Romney or Mrs. Mitt.

To say that your husband understands or can relate in any fashion to the ninety nine percent is an insult and a bold slap in the face to us that are struggling!

There is nothing normal about having money tucked away Swiss bank accounts!

There is nothing normal about nontaxable money hidden in the Cayman Islands!

There is nothing normal about shutting down companies to send those jobs overseas!

We can't relate to a person that owns quite possibly more than six homes!

We can't relate to a person that's made so much money, that he refuses to give information about his taxes!

Now Mrs. is harassing  the Latino community.

Mrs. Mitt claims the democratic party is pulling trickery and blinders over the Latino community's eyes.

"He feels your pain", "If you help him get into office, you are the first on his agenda"

She's right about that. No Dream Act or any other agenda that may benefit.

It will open season on the Latino community.

Which let's me segue into  Marco Rubio.

He was the token along with Condeleeza Rice.

Have Rubio do an introduction and BAM! Ole Mittster has locked up the Latino vote.

Rubio is just like any other token, when it benefits him or the party he uses the old my family came here as immigrants card.

Really who gives a fuck!

Your family busted their ass to get you to where you are and what's your way of paying it forward?

Screw that ninety nine percent!

It will always baffle me, how is it that broke folks want to vote for people that don't care about broke folks?

Now Paul Ryan.

I didn't have a segue for this moron.

You ever notice the way Paul speaks, it always sounds like a sense of urgency.

The same scare tactic that Bush used to get re-elected.

I don't have the words to describe how much this guy makes my crotch hurt! Literally!

He was not the best candidate for the job.

He was the youngest and I guess the cutest.

McCain said when he ran against  Mitt, "Mitt wasn't qualified"

These motherfuckers are the most flip flopping group I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Rambling Romney recently stated "there's nothing wrong with success".

For once, you are right. The shame of it all is that the one percent doesn't want to see ninety nine percent succeed.

Because of that and many other reasons, I have to vote to make sure you and the crotch catcher don't SUCCEED!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paul Ryan

Oh my god...He works out!

Oh my god...He has a great body!

Blah, blah, fucking blah!!

Please people!

Give me a break!

 When you have a guy that scares some Republicans, that's saying something.
Let's get the back story on Paul "your vagina is mine" Ryan.

Paul doesn't just work out in the gym.

He spends the majority of his time working over anyone that's not in a high tax bracket.

First, senior citizens: Paul has been given the name "the kill medicare guy".

Get rid of medicare and privatize social security!

When anything is privatized, here comes corporations from afar to put their two cents

in how things should be run.

Get it corporations, big time donors for his Ryan's campaign.

I have a theory Mr. Budget, why not tax the rich more?

Women: Paul wants to do everything to a vagina but poke one.

The latest is that "rape is a form  of contraception" Huh?

Ryan and Akin are on the forefront of this crap!

Let me clarify, as a women, I have no say so what's going on with my crotch.

Here come the spend doctors.

Referring to Ryan and Akins comments: "Well those comments are just distractions."

No motherfucker, they are not! What little they have, these two morons were saying what was on their minds!

This shit ain't brand new about Ryan.

Romney knew what he had' I'll call "crotch capitalist" on his hands.

Romney has no control over a man that has control issues.

But because he knew sorry ass women with wet undies would fall for Ryan.

Get the women vote at any cost, including passing bills that give "corral a crotch" Ryan the power to do what he wants with my friend.

Ladies, that would not be a victory for vaginas.

No say, no opinion, no voice  nothing!

That's exactly the America I want live in and prosper.

I despise everything that Paul stands for.

He's an elitist, extremist and most of all a capitalist!

If you are a broke bitch old or young bitch, he could care less.

There are so many negatives on Ryan, that I can't not post them all.

I just happen to talk about the three major reasons why this fool is poison.

When I see the so called powerful women in politics, celebrities not finding a microphone and voicing their thoughts about this idiot, I become more enraged.

Where the fuck is Republican first lady Elisabeth Hasselbeck, powerful Republican women?

I know has usual sitting there and being quiet, like the good "STEPFORD WIFE"!!!!

Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan

I'll never understand the way most Americans think.

Specifically Republican Americans. I don't get it.

We have before us two guys that are the polar opposites except when it comes to keeping the poor, middle class and anyone over sixty five years old at that 99% mark.

Let's start with Mitt.

 America still isn't sold on this guy.

Exactly how long did it take for him to officially win the nomination?

But Republicans as usual will take what they can get.

Mitt Romney flip-flops so much, he should  ask the Olympic committee to add it as a sport  for the 2016 games.

The coming debates should be entertaining.

We know when rich Mitt gets flustered, he has a tendency to stutter and become upset.

Let's just see between the giggling, lying and screaming what happens.

The GOP isn't  sold on him, their just going with the flow.

As for that goof troop of Republicans that not so long ago,  were running against him, are now

brown nosing and praising the guy.

Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and a select few are hoping for something in return  on their investment.

The most alarming of all is his V.P. running mate Paul Ryan.

Mitt is has yet to back Ryan on a lot of his backwoods statements that he's made lately.

Can't blame the guy.

 Sooner or later Mitt, I need to know if you feel the same way.

Not for my sake. I'm not voting for you.

You need to let the millions of dummies that chose you as a last resort!

Now turning my attention to Paul Ryan!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Corporate America

What is it about people with power?

What is it about people with power that make them the biggest shits on the planet

I'm not talking about people like Donald Trump, or Mitt Romney.

We know they are assholes.

I'm referring to Corporations like Boeing, Bank of America, Motorola and MACY'S.

Let's trickle this shit down a little further.

Executives, Managers, and leads.

Yep, I'm referring to the people with that, inside these four walls power.

These folks really don't have power outside of work.

Once they leave the office, they are just like the rest or us Some BITCH on the street!

These are the folks that end up getting a boot in the ass.

These are the folks that make a person go outside of themselves and  pull their fucking throats out.

Why you ask?

These are the folks that represent these companies.

I have a theory.

Not all but a select few have this I believe sociopathic behavior.

I believe these motherfuckers are just evil.

No rhyme or reason to their fucked up behavior.

Not satisfied until they've upset, disrupted, hurt or damn near stroked out everyone around them!
 What gives you the right to just fuck over people and their money?

What gives you the right to be so dismissive to a person?

What gives you the right to try and attempt to tell me my worth?

 Why the fuck do I need to jump through hoops, in order to get what's rightfully mine?

 Again, you wonder why folks catch you falling asleep at the wheel, and beat your ass in an elevator!

This is the shit I've seen on the news or have witnessed at the work place.

Managers or executives never say your name.

You my friend are a "SUBORDINATE", with an employee i.d. number!!

You are what they call expendable.

Sure you have a degree, so what?

Corporate still wants to pay you minimum wage at fifteen hours a week.

Let's not forget, work you like a slave. All the while you have to keep smiling
Just from my experience, people make you think long and hard about taking a wrong turn and end up at
the workplace, ready to wreck some shit.

The only reason I won't is because, I have a birthday party to attend.

Seriously, I rather stick it to your back stabbing asses another way.

I want companies to see exactly what they have out here representing their BRAND!!

So, get ready.

I am now a whistle blower, big mouth, can't shut the fuck, will tell everything I see motherfucker!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Future Downfall of the Middle Class

I knew what was coming. Rumors swirled around for weeks.

So even though, it wasn't a surprise, it still made me cringe.

Mitt Romney as usual fucked up by introducing him as the next President of the United States.(then again, maybe not)

Paul Ryan was introduced as Romney's running mate.

That's what the Republicans are putting out there ladies and gents.

Two men who don't have a clue how to run the country nowhere but in the ground.

Two men who could care less about the Middle Class, the living from check to check Americans.

Two men that have issues with Americans health. ( at least the ones that can't afford health care).

Two men I guess, that wants anyone over sixty five to just shut up about social security.

There it is an introduction, to Mr. Uptight and Mr.Economics.

Don't worry in the coming weeks, I will make sure everyone gets a healthy dose of Paul Ryan.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

When Will It End?

I wanna begin by giving a big shout out, hugs, kisses and congrats to Gabby Douglas for kicking ass for winning Team Gold and all around gold.

Now that's out the way, this message is for the Black Americans, Afro Americans, Brothers, Sisters and Homies who felt compelled to see something wrong with Ms. Douglas.

You angry hating, don't want to see the good in black folk fucks!

Here are a few of the quotes that I read.

"What's wrong with her hair"?

"Why her teeth so big."?

"All she doing is flipping, I can do that"!

"She think she white"!

Really haters?

Is that all you took from this young lady's experience during her performance at the Olympics.

These are some of the crazy quotes that's circulating about Gabby Douglas.

Most of this shit is filtered through social media geared towards black folks that have nothing else to do but tear someone down.!

We always say "we gotta do better".

The question is when will we do better?

Then you have that chosen few who hate themselves, their lives and or their situation.

So, since my life is a mess(or maybe you are in denial) why not knock a sister who has it together.

Here's what I saw.

Gabby Douglas representing the Olympics, Team USA and most importantly HERSELF in a dignified and mature manner.

Gabby Douglas showing strength, resolve and sportsmanship even when things didn't go as planned

Gabby Douglas becoming a media darling
Gabby Douglas making her mother and the rest of her family proud.

Can  I tell you what I liked not seeing because, Gabby and the other women athletes took me away from it for a minutes.

Sixteen and pregnant. Not the reality show.

Not hearing foul mouthed teens on train.

Folks trying to sell me Marijuana (Cush) on the train.

Young ladies hanging out on the corner with their baby strollers (there are usually three girls under 15) at 11:00pm

Seeing young ladies worrying about being the next Nicki Minaj or Beyonce.

Watching young ladies running behind young men.

Observing young ladies self esteem get lower and lower.

Black media how about showing more positive images for young folks.

I could give a damn about Lil Wayne, Basketball Wives or Chris Brown.

Show young America there is more to life than the latest True Religion Jeans or the next Polo shirt.

I know that's asking too much right? RIGHT?

But just for two weeks the WORLD was able to see there's more to a young black women.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby, It's Not Me It's you!

I decided to be a little light hearted today.

I wanna know ladies and gents what makes a relationship work?

I know about the 50/50 bull crap.

Let's be honest and agree there's no such thing as 50/50.

Woman pretty much take 70% or more whenever she feels the need.

I want to know why are expectations placed so high on a person.

If the person you decided to have a relationship with came with a disclaimer, who's at fault?

I come with one. Well several.

A tendency to forget.

Issues with communicating with my spouse.

Has a problem with arguing..Don't like to.

Don't sleep well at night so chances are I will be up til 3AM.

Short attention span.

I'm not a going out type of person, don't try to turn me into a club hopper.

I need to be accepted as I am.

What maybe fucked up to you, is fine in my eyes.

Been this way for a minute!

So, excuse me if I'm not able to conform to your liking at the drop of a dime.

Shit takes time!

 Then there's the...I have a lot of shit I'm dealing with.
Guess what? So do I.

I don't believe that we are suppose to be in agreement all the time.

What I look for is to walk away and give me space to get it together so that I don't say something stupid.

I can't speak for anyone but myself.

My past relationships are just that in the past.

If I didn't learn from it, then I can't take anything to the next relationship.

To be frank, for the most part, I didn't learn much.

For me, I was always working and being the provider.

Never had time to try and nurture.

Some cases it backfired.

Either they cheated or couldn't handle me not being around.

Again disclaimer: Workaholic!

I do know now, that I don't have the patience for someone that doesn't have patience for me.

Dealing with my erratic ass takes a lot.

Disclaimer:I know I'm a scatter brain.

I know I have a nervous condition...My mouth will have all kinds of smart shit coming out of it, to the point you may w ant to slap my ass with a brick!

 Everyone wants everything all at once.

In this day and age, if its not happening RIGHT NOW, there's a problem

This is probably where the communication peace comes in.

How about asking one another some simple questions.

Could be the two of you are crossing paths at the wrong time, maybe you are just wrong for one another.

Maybe the person on the other end may not have the patience to deal.

That's okay. Just means that some people are not compatible.

They Are Crazy Because They Are White!

Remember when a church, mosque or temple was viewed as a place of worship?

A place of peace so to speak.

Well, I guess we can change that to the last place you might see of your time here on Earth.

Another "American" decided that he can't tolerate another race but his own, and opened fire on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

The authorities are calling this last incident "Domestic Terrorism".

Really?  Need to go off on another tangent for just a second.

Women and minorities are terrorized domestically everyday!

The middle class is terrorized financially every pay period.

The public school system is terrorized every school year due to a broken system!

Older Americans are terrorized everyday because after the age of 40 you are screwed in the work force!

Ok! That's over.

Here we go again. White American goes ballistic!

Aurora Colorado shooter, will say he is insane and try to plead.

The idiot that sprayed bullets on Ms. Giffords will attempt to cop a plea.

George Zimmerman, is a little more creative.

Zimmerman said it was the devine heavens from above.

Trayvon was called home to God. Trayvon's murder was fate and was meant to be.

Wade Michael Page got off easy.

The police turned him into fun at the gun range by shooting every organ out of his body.

Had he not been killed by the police, I believe he would have tried to a cop a plea as well.

The police did us a favor. Why waste taxpayer's money or time on a person that cared so little about someone else's life?

These excuses that are given about white folks when they wild out is laughable.

The Columbine kids were teased and felt like outsiders. Listening to rock music made them do it.

Holmes(Colorado) had issues and they weren't addressed says a psychiatrist. Holmes left his school, before anyone could help him.

They were Sandusky-ed  as children.

This is the stupid shit that the rest of America has to read on a regular about the so called majority.

This is not just about terrorism in our country, this shit is the worst kind of racism!

What we do is sugar coat shit, sweep it under the rug and wait for the media to shut the fuck up about the situation.

We give every excuse in the world as to why a white dude or chick would be so fucked up!

After all the world is your oyster.

A white heroin addict will get a job before me, and all I do is drink Miller Lites!

The only thing that should concern the media or the rest of us is why are folks able to buy Army issued weapons from a gun shop?

I have a few weapons, but compared to these folk, its more like a rock and a slingshot.

Went off on another tangent...sorry.

I can't speak for everyone else. What I want from these people when they decide to make the news at someone's expense be honest.

You did this shit because that is you and that's what you are a FUCKING COWARD!!!!