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Friday, August 31, 2012

Part II

Not sure if I was suppose to laugh or sit there with my mouth wide open.

I'm referring to Clint Eastwood's rendition of old man on a rant.

There has to be a reason why Cackling Clint behaved the way he did.

Maybe it was happy hour and he had a few sips before going on stage.

Maybe it was a medical problem.

Medicine? Nope that wasn't it.

Senile? Quite possibly. No he's one of the sharpest TOOLS out there, even for an old fart.

Then again, when you have an eighty two year old man speaking to an empty chair, what the fuck an I suppose to conclude?

Out of all the celebrities that Mitt could get, he chose Cranky Clint.

This shit didn't help your cause, it hurt you even more.

You have thousands of people in an arena, trying to muster up a giggle to make this fool feel good about himself.

The runaway rambling  that would not stop. 

I never knew Clint was a comedian. I don't think Clint knows he's not.

Some celebrities should stay on the sidelines and obviously, "Make my day" is one of them.

I won't lie, it was fun and painful watching that train wreck, until Mitt Rich Romney took the stage.

By doing so, Mittster made it more apparent that he is not the man for the job.

He's stiff as hell and Paul Ryan is a rambling, over the top, drama queen.

Where's the middle ground?


So in order to get the black vote, the media and  Ryan's camp wants us to know he date a black women.

So did I at one time!

MESSAGE: No one cares!

Ryan, stay true to what your main focus is.

That would be putting every vagina in a cookie jar, under your and ASSHOLE AKINS'S control!

I will  probably go overboard. As a woman reading this post, it should piss you off every time you see that
pretty fucker on television!

As far as speaking about the economy, it won't be decent for the next twelve years.

We can thank the Republican party for that.

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