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Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Hate Crime Involving Teens

The shit and smoke hasn't cleared from the last incident of a hate crime,(Youtube 7 teens on 1), when Chicago rises to the occasion again.

I'm starting to think that the kids here are trying to one-up each other when it comes to committing hate crimes.

Let's turn our attention to Joshua Merritt.

Merritt is a 17 year old senior attending Brother Rice High School, a prestigious Catholic boy's school. Merritt who also is an African American, was invited to the home of a 16 year old who attends Morgan Park High School. Besides the 16 year old a 17 year old and an 18 year old named Matthew Herrmann were at the home as well. No harm in that, just boys hanging out, right?
The home in question is owned by a State's Attorney employee who is also the parent of the 16 year old.

I should mention now that the three people that were with Merritt were all white and Merritt only knew Herrmann personally.

Once settled in, for shits and giggles, the white kids decided to get a noose and put it around Merritt's throat.

It turns out that these guys had a problem with Merritt. It seems that Merritt had been texting the 16 year old's cousin by phone and sending messages through Facebook. It was a budding relationship that the others had decided wasn't cool.

Merritt managed to get away because of a phone call. The mother of the youngest idiot, needed to meet him. If that wasn't enough, while walking away, the 16 year old threatened Merritt with a knife and had the nerve to tell Merritt not to say anything about the noose that they had around his neck.

Joshua says "He's bewildered and confused", "That was just one bad egg in the bunch", and to top it off, Johsua also wouldn't give the names of the other two cowards.
Maybe I shouldn't say this, but where is the anger from Joshua and his father Wiiliam?
This oh golly gee things just happen attitude, quite frankly rubbed me the wrong way.

That could be why these pricks were able to corner your ass with a noose, Joshua.

I understand that you want to keep your kid safe, Mr. Merritt, I get it, but you really need to open Joshua's eyes.

Everyone doesn't love you.
There are people out there who hate you just because...

That's the sad part of it.

This is especially important to Joshua, seeing that he will probably be going away for school and away from home. It is time to grow up to the realities of the world.

Now we have to listen to another state employee claim that her kid would never behaved that way, of course that's not the way he was fucking raised, we hear this phrase everytime this kind of crap happens.

How many times does a kid have to suffer an ass beating, noose around the neck or racial slurs?

When is it going to be enough?

I don't want any apologies, hand shakes or promises.
What I do want, is someone to fuck one of these knuckle heads up to send a message.

This is 2012, I need you cowards to recognize that!