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Saturday, January 7, 2012

LA Arsonist’s Hot Stuff Mama Deportation Set Him Off

Let's see...his mother is arrested in L.A. and all hell breaks loose! This turn of events sent her Baby Huey-esqe 30 year old son, on a rampage with matches, lighter flood, and a bad fucking attitude!

Mother is in the process of being deported for not paying for a tit enlargement and 19 counts of fraud in Frankfort, Germany. Since coming to America from Germany, Mama's been a busy little camper.

Dorothee Burkhart has been linked to several erotic massage websites. The pictures of Mama Burkhart write their own jokes. One picture has Frau Burkhart holding those enlarged jugs up with her arms because she's not wearing a support bra.

Another picture shows her wearing a Victoria's Not A Secret top that has two runs going down the side - for extra exposure. If you look close enough, there's also a armpit full of hair dangling out as well.
OMG! That's sooo sexy!

After seeing Mommie carted off by the police, it seems that Harry Burkhart decided to set the world on fire - LITERALLY!. They are still tallying up the damage but it is close to or over 3 million dollars in damages right now.

Of course, Mama Burkhart says that her son is mentally ill. This wannabe blonde MILF bombshell even produced a letter from a doctor to back up her story about her son. Yes, this is the same person who is facing numerous felony charges in the Deutchland. The police have now placed Harry on suicide watch.

During Firestarter's subsequent immigration hearing, Harry started screaming about how much he hates America.

Harry, the best thing America is doing for you right now is keeping the American citizens whose property you torched, from kicking your ass back to Germany!

You're in America now because your unstable big tit mother ran away from Germany trying to escape fraud and felony charges.

For those that don't like America just stay the fuck out. It's easy, if we piss you off that much, stay your ass away, don't buy a ticket. Trust me, we have enough of our own homegrown crazies here already.

Better yet Harry, maybe if your mother were massaging your self esteem instead of dicks maybe you wouldn't be such a bad space, TORCHY!

Man Confesses to Bombing NY Mosque

When I first read this article,I wanted to wait a few days until the scoop came about this story.

It seems recently that a guy went on a Molotov cocktail spree, tossing cocktails into a Mosque, a private home, a convenience store, and a home that he thought was owned by a "crack dealer". He had quite the busy schedule of destruction and mayhem.

Let's start with the Mosque.
It seems he wanted to use their restroom and was refused. So, like any sensible person, he took a cocktail to the building. Any other day, guys drunk or sober, usually just whip their dick out find a spot, usually an alley, and piss on point. What was so special about this place's facilities that he had to torch the place in retaliation? Marble urinals? Personalized ass-dryers? Gold handled faucets with voice control activation? I really want to know.

The second place was a private residence where private services were held.
Being the bright ass that he is, he mistook it for another place where he'd had words with the owner before....oops. I guess there will be casualties in the war for sensible thinking and thinking things through.

Let's continue shall we....

The third place was a Starbucks. I can honestly say that I'm also upset with how expensive a venti Starbucks' Frappuccino costs but it's never crossed my mind to seriously toss a firebomb at their asses. Turns out, Mr, Firebomb was caught trying to steal Frappuccinos in the bottle there in the past. And with his justice being a crude and hastily prepared cocktail bomb, I guess he got away with it at some point, because Frapp bottles were used in four of the five incidents.

The fourth place was also mistaken for another residence. The house he meant to aim at, was that of a "crack dealer". I am not kidding, the Hot Temper Kid apparently had an arguement with his drug supplier earlier.
This would be one of those time where I would promote drug use. I figure had this nimrod self medicated himself, maybe his day would have gone better, and he wouldn't have felt the need to bomb several properties.

The man with too much time on his hands reminds me of the movie "Falling Down", you know, Michael Douglas'character.

The name of "Mister Cocktail" has yet to be released yet.
We do know that he is originally from Guyana. He is an unemployed tow truck driver, with a whole lot of issues. He lives in the Jamaica part of Queens. His behavior speaks volumes, the way a person reacts in one country does not mean bring your crazy, and your issues here to America. From what was reported, this asshole has had issues with anyone that's of the Islamic faith for years.

I for one, know that I can't blame every person of Middle Eastern culture for the bullshit that took place on 9/11, before and thereafter.
That's like blaming all white people for slavery, that's like blaming all hispanics for illegal immigration problems, or blaming all black people for that dumb shit they call rap/hiphop. (Not the old school rap though).

Then I wondered was he just doing this shit for effect.

If you're that fed up kill yourself. I'd probably have more respect for the fact that you didn't hurt anyone.
But, to be so wreckless and selfish with your bullshit, you "Mr. Cocktail" deserve everything that's coming to you.

And by the way, in prison, there are a lot of people of the Islamic faith, you'd be wise to keep your ignorance quiet if you want a relatively peaceful prison stay!

Are You Kidding Me? Santorum Really Thinks Blacks Are The Main Recipients of Public Aid? Bastard.

Why is it that whenever a polictican, the news network, or some dumbass on the street wants to speak of poverty ,education, or crime, BLACKS FOLKS are singled out as an example?

Why is it that always during an election year, BLACK FOLKS are put into the spotlight and forefront to the problems in this country?
I guess when high poll numbers are in doubt, all you have to do is pander to racial stereotypes and mis-information.

That brings us to the the dickhead GOP candidate, Rick Santorum. This simpleminded fuck was recently in Iowa stating that he doesn't "want to make black people's lives better by giving them someone else's money". He stopped just short of saying, "white peoples' money".

While saying this shit, some white folks in the audience were clapping and nodding in agreement to this lie like they were at a revival meeting. That statement alone is a racist lie. CBS News who covered this comment, decided to do a little digging, and found out that only 8% of blacks in Iowa are receiving aid. The other 84% are white.
There aren't that many blacks in Iowa compared to whites, true, but wouldn't the folks who were in agreement at Santorum's new age Klan meeting know that, even at the most basic level? Obviously not.

The truth of the matter is that there are more Caucasians receiving public assistance in America than any other race. People seem to really forget this fact when they spout off these tired cliches that below out of some old pre-segregation playbook. The sad is, idiots like the ones at the Santorum rally, still take it as truth. The face of assistance is still the "welfare queen" that Reagan famously referred to in the Seventies and not Becky Jo from Appalachia.

I really could care less as to who is on assitance. That's not the problem with this country. I more than understand why he made that statement, it gets a rise out of voters.

Subliminal message: "The Presisdent is black which means he's going to keep helping "BLACK FOLKS" more than enough with poor white folks' money.

Note: Do Your Homework.
Of course, there won't be a retraction. Of course, he will say it was taken out of context, or that he didn't realize he was being so insensitive. Well, the damage is already done PRICK!

Same tactic Bush II used to get re-elected. Scare the shit out of folks and they will vote for me out of sheer panic.
So, while America is so worried about voting Obama back into office, they never think for one second that I just voted for an ass that's going to vote against: jobs staying in America, health care for all Americans; regardless of income or lack of, progression and preservation of civil rights, and fairer taxation for the masses.

What gives him or any other person the right to throw "BLACK FOLKS" into this bullshit that basically rich white folks created? Like we don't have enough shit going on in our daily lives!

It's blatant, ignorant, disrespectful, and fucking annoying! It is really tired to be used as pawns for political gain.

Again where the fuck are our so called BLACK LEADERS? I haven't heard a peep from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or any of the "leaders of the week".

New Millenium America is so busy looking for a scapegoat:

First, there was open discrimination of Muslims after 911.

Second, the illegal immigration issue, even though for some reason that has come to mean that most people target Hispanics only.

Third, now its "BLACK FOLKS". No, wait a minute, it's just our turn again!