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Saturday, January 7, 2012

LA Arsonist’s Hot Stuff Mama Deportation Set Him Off

Let's see...his mother is arrested in L.A. and all hell breaks loose! This turn of events sent her Baby Huey-esqe 30 year old son, on a rampage with matches, lighter flood, and a bad fucking attitude!

Mother is in the process of being deported for not paying for a tit enlargement and 19 counts of fraud in Frankfort, Germany. Since coming to America from Germany, Mama's been a busy little camper.

Dorothee Burkhart has been linked to several erotic massage websites. The pictures of Mama Burkhart write their own jokes. One picture has Frau Burkhart holding those enlarged jugs up with her arms because she's not wearing a support bra.

Another picture shows her wearing a Victoria's Not A Secret top that has two runs going down the side - for extra exposure. If you look close enough, there's also a armpit full of hair dangling out as well.
OMG! That's sooo sexy!

After seeing Mommie carted off by the police, it seems that Harry Burkhart decided to set the world on fire - LITERALLY!. They are still tallying up the damage but it is close to or over 3 million dollars in damages right now.

Of course, Mama Burkhart says that her son is mentally ill. This wannabe blonde MILF bombshell even produced a letter from a doctor to back up her story about her son. Yes, this is the same person who is facing numerous felony charges in the Deutchland. The police have now placed Harry on suicide watch.

During Firestarter's subsequent immigration hearing, Harry started screaming about how much he hates America.

Harry, the best thing America is doing for you right now is keeping the American citizens whose property you torched, from kicking your ass back to Germany!

You're in America now because your unstable big tit mother ran away from Germany trying to escape fraud and felony charges.

For those that don't like America just stay the fuck out. It's easy, if we piss you off that much, stay your ass away, don't buy a ticket. Trust me, we have enough of our own homegrown crazies here already.

Better yet Harry, maybe if your mother were massaging your self esteem instead of dicks maybe you wouldn't be such a bad space, TORCHY!

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