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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Charged in Slain Officer’s Murder at M&M Mart, A Suspect's Mother in Denial

Finally Chicago, there's good news!

Two out of the four cowards that senselessly killed Chicago Police Officer Clifton Lewis were caught and being held without bond.

Of course the mama of defendant Clay claims her son is not guilty, she's doing the "ohhh Lawd - not my baby" song and dance!

Ty-Ty,(I swear these lil bitches are given nicknames during child birth), would never do anything so horrible. The mother Lovetta Jones claims Ty-Ty is mentally slow, plays video games all day, and that because of a car accident a couple of years of ago that killed a friend, is not agile enough to have committed the crime.

These are the facts - Clay does have a criminal past. He served time for a prior conviction. He has also served jail time for violating his parole. Which leads me to believe, Clay ain't at home all day.

There a few questions I have...what mental condition does this fool have and why the fuck is a 29 year old man at home playing video games "all day".
I mean really, couldn't he use some of that limited brain power to find a job instead of playing his X-Box?
C'mon, Mama Jones, why the hell are you home all day watching this simple fuck play video games ALL DAY?

And by the way, agility has nothing to do with pulling the trigger or being the lookout.

Clay is also being described as a home body who was trying to put his criminal past behind him and stay out of trouble. His girlfriend claims that on the day of the incident, he didn't go anywhere "ALL DAY".

Again, I want to know what type of job requires you to be home all day. He's definitely not using this extra time to get a job, cause Ty-Ty is not looking for shit, why should he when he has two stupid bitches looking out for him? Hell, I'd stay home all day if I could too. we go again, these parents upholding these knuckleheads whenever they get in trouble. Lovette Jones obviously should have been somewhere fishing instead of getting knocked up with this idiot.

Go on Lovetta and Ty-Ty's girlfriend, use the rest of your savings to help out that Eagle Scout. I don't know you; but I know for certain, this isn't the first time Ty-Ty's broken your heart.

Colon, the other dummy, was the getaway driver. I wonder if he is on the "home all day" plan too.

Lovetta, who knows where Ty-Ty would have been, had you actually spent some time with him "All Day".

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