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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jesse Jackson: Apartheid isn’t over : No Shit J.J.!

Ladies and Gentlemen breaking news: Jesse Jackson says Apartheid is not over. You can all go back to your scheduled lives now.

Wow! That's a load off.

Tell me J.J. I hope you meant America. Don't get me wrong folks. I'm sorry that other countries are facing new problems or dealing with old ones that are pretty major. The truth is I'm one of those folks that's tired of J.J. and them telling me and every other person that's barely rubbing pennies together to get by, that you need our help.

We need to speak to our congressman, senator, governor, mayor or alderman. Tell them to help send money or care packages to other countries - wait a minute, that's already happening!

We hear everyday that we are broke. Yet, not so long ago we just loaned China $13 billion dollars. You read right, 13 billion. The same country that's cutting education, health care, and jobs due to "no money".

Don't you dare blame this shit on the President. I blame everyone in office in Washington. They pass all this shit through. This money shifting game has been going on for longer than a lot of us have been alive.

The arrogance of the rich makes me depise them even more.

Republican candidate Rick Perry says that we need to stay in Iraq. Why Rick? Right now, your campaign is costing Texas a hefty sum. Let's not discuss that over the top pension you receive.

While speaking of arrogance, Jay-Z and his wife B-Yakki spent a reported $1.3 million dollars to shut down one wing of a hospital for "security purposes". Why not just have the surrogate give birth at home?
What's with all the dramatics?

Not hating; but those two are just a little over the top, a little too much. For $1.3 million they could have built their own medical wing, but then again, there will probably be a B & J Carter Wing at the hospital by the Summer.

But back to the matter.....they have already destroyed most of the middle class - why is it that what's left of the middle class is always asked to bail America's ass out?

Until the the "well to do" and the 1% hold up their end, J.J. and friends, I don't need to hear about the plight of another country. I ain't giving shit to Haiti, Mexico, Greece, the Honduras, China, or Africa.

Let's concentrate on getting this country back in shape and working for everyone, not just the ones with corporate interests.

You bitches in Washington are doing a piss poor job of running America.
Who knows a few years from now, "for only 30 cents a day" I'll be able to feed an entire family".

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