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Monday, November 11, 2013

What makes a man, a man?

 Unfortunately I’ve had to listen to some of the dumbest shit on ESPN in the past few weeks regarding this crap between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.
Apparently Incognito is a DICK in everyone’s eyes but his teammates.

An incident happened a while ago between Incognito and a women at a golf course.
She was treated lousy. I won’t go into details but, she was handsomely paid by the Dolphins, to keep quite.
Past issues on and off the field  tells me what I need to know.
Richie is a DICK!!!
The situation between DICK and Jonathan Martin has rubbed the machos the wrong way.
All I’m hearing is Jonathan should have been a man.
Jonathan broke the code; Jonathan could never play with me.
Who says stupid shit like that??
The so called men past and present of the NFL!
Antonio Pierce…retired linebacker for the New York Giants,  and football analyst for ESPN, has pretty much been on a rant of rage and hate directed towards Mr. Martin.
So, Mr. Pierce he should be like your team mate Plaxico Burress and get caught with a handgun, arrested and having to apologize for making a dumb decision carrying a gun RIGHT?!!
Cause Mr. Pierce, that’s what real men do right?!!

How about you Ricky Williams?
y was a first round pick for the Saints, who also made manly decisions (dumb) during his tenure with the Saints and Dolphins.
Ricky criticized Jonathan as well, for not being a man.
Ricky, smoked so much weed while in the NFL that he became the most docile and lazy fuck on the planet. The man that Mike Ditka gave up so much for to get him on his team!
How dare you call him a quitter when you did the same, but for different reasons.
Jonathan's was an intellectual decision, while yours Ricky, was twigs and TOPS!!
I’ve saved the best for last!!
Lawrence Taylor…L.T., coke head, adulterer, Mr. found himself in a hotel with a minor a few years ago!!
This man is the postal child for dysfunction when it comes to MANLY men!
Lawrence, I can’t take anything you say and have respect for you.
Sir, you didn’t respect the game you played.
You had so much shit going on that I would be amazed you would remember!

The three of you are not men!
The three of you are what they call FUCK UPS!!

Unfortunately, society and good lawyers overlook your bullshit!!
To criticize a man for not wanting to fight is unacceptable!

I don’t know what transpired between Jonathan and Richie, my issue is with you fucking felons, weed heads, gun toting, underachieving, coke addicts and adulterers coming out of rehab or wherever to give and opinion on a guy, they never played with or probably never met!

If that’s what being a MAN is, I’ll take the intellectual from Stanford!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Read the above link read before proceeding with this post.

I'm wondering why is this news?

We have black folks and black " leaders" coming out of the wood work to blast this jackass, over the wrong things!

Something as trivial as his relationship with Barney's.

Where the fuck were you "leaders" when Jay-Z and folks like him were rapping about the dumbest shit I ever heard?

That question is also directed towards C. E..ho's like Russell Simmons, Diddy, Puffy, Puff Dad or whatever he is called now!

It's okay when blacks just keep it in the community! It meaning the COONERY!!

Lost in translation are the two people that were profiled.

Jay-Z says he needs the facts.

The fact is, this pompous fuck has not cared about the black community from the day he was born!

Marcy Projects(selling drugs in the community).

Calling women in his music bitches and whores and selling millions in the process!

Marketing that whack ass over priced clothing line Rocawear!

This arrogant big lip fuck has been selling out for a while!

He has either been paid to advertise and name drop.

Reebok, Budweiser have signed checks to this dude.

To see people like Oprah interviewing this nimrod didn't sit well with me!

Hell, Jay turned his wife (Beyonce) into a brand.

This bitch is hitting thirty five and still stripping, shaking and bumping it til the wheels come off!

Again as long as its within the misguided ass walls of our community we are cool.

I guess Barney's is the new Trayvon Martin!...RIGHT??

I commend Shawn for one thing...his honesty.

He is as transparent as they come.

We pretty much know where he came from, what he did and what he wants to do.

I'm sure there are some surprises.

But what could be worse than visiting Cuba and being an rehabilitated drug dealer?!!!

And on that note I say...

Fuck Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and people like them.!

Folks like you do way more harm than good.!

And a special Fuck You goes to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr. and Jesse Jr. and his wife, Sandy Jackson.


In the name of greed, infidelity and fame whoredom, have ripped a new asshole in our community!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Here we are ladies and gents.

I'm sure if some of you work for the government, you have a little time on your hands.

Not sure if this is what was planned, but I think you motherfuckers (Congress)should consider an alternate route!

Let me help some of you that are in the dark about some shit.

The Affordable Care Act: was put into place for all Americans.

Unemployed, small business, minimum wage, part time, full time to name a few.

It caters to what you can afford.

No longer do I have to pay $200 a month for half ass insurance.

I can get a plan that won't empty my pockets.

I can now choose to get myself well and eat at the same time, as opposed to eating and \putting off my health, until I am financially able to take of what's ailing me.

No person in a free country should ever half to sacrifice one for the other.


I'm sure there will be some issues that have to be worked out.

But anything is better than what the "GUVMENT" thought was fitting for a working class middle American.

To the many Americans that are upset about the Affordable Care Act, do you realize this helps your pockets in the long run?

Of course you don't.

Some say "we don't want the "GUVMENT" telling us what to do or how to live.

Word to you..the "GUVMENT"  tells you what to do everyday!!

It's called laws you fucking morons!!

Most Americans aren't looking for a hand out, their looking for an out.

Meaning a way out of this mess called high insurance rates.

I'm certain insurance companies are not happy with this new law.

The HMO's and Blue Cross-Blue Shields are having a fucking fit!

Since the law was passed, I've received a ton of emails from insurance companies.

Trying to sell the idea that they are better.

Cobra the biggest insurance pimps of them all, promises to damn near turn me into the bionic woman for a fraction of the cost!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Can insurance companies, lobbyist and special interest groups  tell a room full of men / women to not fight for the health of America!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Could Congress shut down this country and  still get paid!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Could Congress who was voted in to work for the people, has yet to work for the people!!!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Can the 1% sleep well at night while the majority suffers!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Could folks be duped into thinking the health care act is really named Obama Care!

ONLY IN AMERICA..That folks are so fucking stupid to not know "Obama Care" is the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans attached our President's name to it to generate opposition.

As usual it worked!

ONLY IN AMERICA...We live in a country that wants me to sing America the beautiful,while we have that select few that promotes the ugly!

ONLY IN AMERICA...We are perceived as a free country, while ain't shit free about spending your last dime on taxes, gas, health care, child care and the environment!

ONLY IN AMERICA..Would our "GUVMENT"t have the nerve to tell other countries how to handle their business when our shit is on a continuous landslide!

ONLY IN AMERICA...Would you shut the whole" GUVMENT" down and watch the suffering begin!!

Chaos is here and these motherfuckers could care less!

That would include the other Americans who took issue!

When it doesn't affect you directly, you don't give a fuck!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

When It's Okay To Call A Person The "N" Word.

I'm  leaving the house to take a evening stroll, when I hear this "lady" shouting and laughing.

"Ha ha, now what?

"That's what you get!"

"I hope you die!"

I look to see who this"lady" is screaming at and its the only white neighbor on her block.

He's stunned and lying flat on his back.

From what I gathered two coward ass black dudes decided to beat him with an aluminum bat and leave him for dead.

I wish I could have recorded this bitch and her 4.5 kids harassing him!

This "lady" also allowed one of kids, who was maybe 9 years old, spray the gentleman with something.

So the ignorance is passed on!

I'll probably be choking the shit out of the kid in a few years!

When I see two older black guys approach him, I assumed they were trying to help him.

Nope!! These two bastards tell  witnesses, me included "don't call the police".

Of course I called 911.

As the paramedics and the police arrive, the big mouth bitch rounds up her version of the Waltons and runs away.

Like the average coward, fools move fast like they're roaches and the police are a can of fucking raid!!

Wait for it....That ladies and gents is the definition of a NIGGER, NIGGUH, NIGGA!!!

I  don't condone name calling.

When you have a ratchet ass chick and neighbors that should know better, hoping that a person  dies, they're placed in that category.

I used to feel sorry for these fools!

I don't!! I'm fucking exhausted! 

Hoping the best for you unproductive motherfuckers is a full time job!

A position I don't recall applying for! 

At the end of the day, he is a human being who needed assistants.

An older male came along with something in his waist band telling ray ray and them to stay away from him.

This gentleman also called the police and stayed until help arrived.

Karma is a bitch..."lady"! 

Just remember that when it slaps the fuck out of you and Ray-Ray!!

Then you simple fucks wonder why things are never right.

You question why life keeps riding your ass without a saddle!

Instead of wishing the worst for him. why not just put me out of my fucking misery and

                                   KILL YOURSELF!!

George Zimmerman...Update

Just a quick shout out to all the Zimmerman supporters.

He's an even bigger idiot than I thought.

Since that fool slithered his away out of a conviction, he's been a busy bee!

Zimmerman has managed to stay in the (I say on purpose) limelight.

A traffic stop(speeding).

Admitted during the stop that he had a gun in is glove compartment. 

Wife divorcing him.

Decides to venture over to his soon to be ex wife's father's house and give pops a pistol whipping.

One thing I can say, some of you may be right.
He's not a racist.

He's a complete ASSHOLE!!!.

He likes the attention.

Just looking and listening to his parents explains a lot.

The stoic personality, the "George has been raised not to show emotion".

He may not show any emotion, but that fucker is carrying on like he has no regard for people or life in general.

Not being in the news on the regular, I guessed ticked him off.

Unless someone else has another theory, I would say that fool is trying to get himself killed!

If I knew I had a target on my back, I would stay in hiding.

I wouldn't be driving around in my brand new pickup(thanks for the donations that went towards his trial DUMBASSES!!)

Then again, if my dad constantly got my ass out of a jam all my life, maybe I would be so bold to be so pompous!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Ex

This is for the people out there that don't understand because of their fucked up ways,why or refuse to realize why they are alone.

I will quote what you say and then I will quote what you should say.

You: If you took your partner for granted(assuming they are your maid or personal slave).

The other you: Take the initiative to clean, wash clothes. If you can't cook, take your partner somewhere other than TGIF or Harold's Chicken! Tell your partner you appreciate everything that they do for you. No matter how small the task, an acknowledgment goes a long way.

You: If you never have anything nice to say.(The "B" word or Hoe)

The other you; How's this, "baby you look good", or "baby I missed you today".
Also, start calling your woman just that YOUR WOMAN!!!. 
This shit doesn't make you a punk, you're being what's called a grown up!

You: Always negative, life is just riding your ass into a quick depression.

The other you: Shit could always be worse. Keep your head up. Your partner would like to know at some point life is okay.
Here's a hint: If your partner just listened and  never has anything to say, chances are the motherfucker is planning an escape. I don't want to hear that shit everyday. It's annoying and a complete turn off.
If you doing all the griping, when do you have time to listen to me?

The other you: Pick one or two days out of the week to bitch! Or sometimes just shut the fuck up!
Pretend that shits okay! 

You: Arguing, fighting and loud! Laying hands on a motherfucker ain't cool. The line of work I'm in, and the shit I carry, I could easily knock your ass into the afterlife!! I'm not a fighter. So, for me to fight all day at work and have to come home and trade blows is a no-no!! Showing your ass in public or in front of my friends, brings on an early dismissal! Young people could really learn from this. The screaming isn't necessary outside or at home. If I bug you that much, might I suggest you exit your ghetto ass left off the stage!! 

The other you: Keeps drama to a minimum. If I ain't cheating or hanging til the wee hours of the morning, my house hold needs to remain at peace. If you got all that extra energy, try using that shit towards something positive. I don't know, possibly a hobby. When I'm good and not stressed, things get done and my mind is clear. Which means you get the world.

You: Weak, can't do for self. I don't like weak woman, not even as a friend.  Learn to manage your life as if I didn't exist. I asked an ex once, if I drop dead right now, what would you do? Life carries on without my narrow ass!! The sun doesn't rise or set on me. We don't have to do everything together. I call that crowding. We need our space from each other from time to time.

The other you: Getting shit done without me saying anything or waiting on me to do it. Me doing shit all the time, is not taking charge, that just means you are lazy as fuck! I'm okay with you taking the wheel sometimes and driving. I admire any woman that has the drive to hustle(legally), knows what she wants and will do anything (legally) to get it done. Such a turn on!!

Here are a few reasons why you are an "EX"

Cheating: The reason: I was never home. So, my busting my ass on two jobs, gives you a free pass I guess!

Partying: If you like to "turn up" and shut the bars down, you should not be in a relationship. Who the fuck wants to wait on a drunk chick to get home? Then depending on what type of drunk you are either we are fighting or you going to sleep. No, I'm not screwing a drunk person\, unless we are drunk together.

Assuming: Saved this gem for last. Your partner never says a damn word. House is a mess, you're a mess, relationship is a mess. The one thing you are positive about is I would never leave you or that I have nowhere else to go. Remember(planning an escape) for all  the reasons that I stated is why you are an "EX"!!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ridiculous! You have no background on the situation and absolutely no idea what actually happened and yet you still spew forth your race-baiting liberal garbage.

Not sure who Zionpastor is, but he felt compelled to comment about another "STAND YOUR GROUND"

 incident that took place in Florida.

The post in question is titled  "another stand your ground".

If you have not read it, please do so before reading the rant forth coming.

I was told I don't have any background on the case and I'm race baiting.

He's right I don't have any background.

I will say I don't race bait.

It appears lately that it's the same situation.

We'll call it deja "fucking" vu!

Black person unarmed, white person feels threatened and pow black person dead and can't testify because

his ass is crossing the road into after life.

Zionpastor, how the fuck is that race baiting. The BAIT is being BLACK!!

I'm sick of white folks using the "STAND YOUR GROUND" cop out!

I guess that's the new thing.

 Playing the insanity card  doesn't work anymore.

In the past two years (what the media allows us to know), there have been five incidents of people using the 


Four black people are dead.

 One is alive.

Let's discuss the one that survived.

His wife (black) fired a warning shot in the air. 

She used "STAND YOUR GROUND and was given twenty years in prison.!!!!!

Wow how about that?! 

Same state, same circumstances, but denied the same plea!!!

Ambulance chaser Jesse Jackson waited over a year to visit. 

Black folks: 0- THE SYSTEM: 1!!

That's not race baiting Zionpastor, that's reality!

The two black men that were murdered  in their car by the guy you are defending, were unarmed and 

SITTING in their car.

 What harm can a person do to you while sitting (unarmed)?! 

 The killer in question used "STAND YOUR GROUND"

That's not race baiting Zionpastor tha'ts reality!

Black folks: 0 - White folks: 2!

Trayvon Martin was walking home with a pack of skittles and a tea.

He was profiled, pursued, approached and ASSASSINATED by that fat fuck Zimmerman!!

In Zimmerman's case the media tried so hard to portray Martin as aggressive and a kid who was put out of 

his misery by Zimmerman.

This is my theory, Zimmerman approached Martin and expected Martin to be submissive.

When that didn't happen, an altercation occurred.

Martin started whipping that ass and that's when he was fucking murdered!!

Zimmerman used "STAND YOUR GROUND".

That's not race baiting Zionpastor, that's reality!!!

Black folks: 0- White folks: 3

Fast forward July/2013,  black people sitting in a car parked in  the lot of a convenience store.

White male pulls up next the car. 

He felt threatened after asking them to turn their music down.

White male turns the vehicle into target practice and MURDERS one of the men in the car!

Guess what? He uses "STAND YOUR GROUND"!

Black folks:0- White folks 4


Unfortunately its white folks reality and a nightmare for black AMERUKANS in Florida!!!!

 "The Sunshine State"

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hooray for Helpless!!

McCarthy: Nearly 1,100 Guns Seized So Far This Year!

That's the headline that I read!

I was wondering what was McCarthy thinking about while posting this statistic?
Was he looking for browning points?                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                  (                                                                                                                                               (credit: ThinkStock
Was he hoping that we would forget about the lives that have been lost to gun violence?

Well, let me tell you what I don't see.

I don't see crime of any kind down in the city of Chicago.

I'm certain that the 1,100 guns that were seized, none were connected to any of the recent murders.

I'm not impresssed McCarthy or Mr. Mayor.

The last time McCarthy bragged about a situation, (no murders over the weekend)the homies went on a killing spree.

Right after patting himself on the back, we lost seven people starting that Monday.

We are now considered the murder capital of the U.S.A.

Wow!! Now that's bragging rights to some shit!! 

We couldn't stop being stupid for one day. 

The President came to Chicago to speak about gun control.

One of the young ladies standing behind him, was gunned down later on.

Through all this Rahm. Oh Rahm!! How disappointed I am.

The only time I hear from this nine finger fuck is when he's found a new way to get revenue out of the folks that voted for him.

Better yet I wish he would bully crime, the way he bullied the teacher's union!!!

Nope. That won't happen. Rahm like the suckass he put into this position, don't have a clue what to do!!

So guys, keep giving yourself all the praise you THINK you deserve!

After bragging about seizing guns, let's see how many guns will be used towards innocent victims this week!

Foot Soldiers

What I'm about to discuss is nothing new.

I don't think it's quite sunk in to folks to the masses.

Oh, who the fuck am I kidding?!!!

The people that are most affected, probably won't read this!

Politicians want to charge consumers a higher tax on athletic shoes.

That's right gym shoes, running shoe, Cole Hahn with the Nike bubble, hell, maybe even Skechers!!

The reason behind this higher tax?

To help the funding of  programs.

What are those programs you ask?

I'll call "Low Income" programs.

Food, shelter, jobs and child care... and whatever bullshit programs they decide to lie about.

In other words if "Laquisha" keeps having kids and she can't afford child care, guess what?

Your Air Jordan's are footing the bill!

If "Bud from the Militia" has a drug problem and needs a check  guess what?

Your New Balance is giving him a new life.

If  Hector is released from prison and needs job training, guess what?

Your Adidas is aiding him.

This is one of the brightest and dumbest ideas ever concocted by politicians!

The majority of people that buy sneakers are Minorities!

Minorities single handily have put placed Air Jordans as the top selling shoe of all time.

No correction is needed.

In the beginning it was the minority (majority) buying that overpriced shoe.

We've made it cool to splurge on a $250 sneaker.

Politicians are thinking, well if folks can afford to buy a pair of shoes a week, then
maybe we will pay the extra tax.

We are already paying a king's ransom for alcohol, cigarettes and water.

People bitched and griped about the extra money they pay for these items, yet we still purchase.

Politicians realize the same with sneakers.

We want the next big thing (sneaker).

We will stand in line, fight for position and damn near trample a person for a pair of shoes.

I love sneakers too. But, I be damned if  I pay over $50 for a shoe.

As usual politicians sneak some shit in on folks and no ones paying attention!

Politicians know that if its something we love, we will continue to buy!

Just waiting on the next pimp move.

I wonder how much is going to cost to just fucking breath?!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sweat Shops

Why are do we worry so much about other countries?

Why are we so quick to pass judgement towards countries that handle matters differently?

When will national programs like 20/20, Fox News, NBC or CBS report the obvious?

We are swift with criticism towards countries like: China, Taiwan, and other places outside

of America, when in fact we have sweat shops right here in our back yard!

Think about it. Corporate America, has seen fit to cut jobs and ask new employees to accept
 minimum RAGE as a means to survive.

Let's remember folks minimum rage is 8.25 in the state of Illinois. So imagine if you're living in the southern states. The cost of LIVING is lower which means so is their minimum RAGE.

That being said. corporate now wants me and you to bust our asses for that shitty amount.

Boehner says that what we make is more than enough.

That I can make ends meet with that pay rate.

Also understand that workers no longer get the full forty hours either.

So, Republicans/Democrats/Indepents/Tea Party how are Americans suppose to survive.

That's why corporate America should be called the corporate sweat shops of the world.

Were being treated just like folks overseas.

Companies have it al figured out.

Cut corners, by cutting cost of employees(pay rate), cut hours, work the fuck out of us, treat us like shit.

Try to take what little dignity that we have left and shove it down our throat!

I can bitch about it because, I'm experiencing this shit myself!

Seeing it first hand, how little thought, concern or sympathy goes into the decision making.

I'm referring to the little man/woman.

As for me, I have a worse than some, but far better than others.

I don't have a husband who was just laid off!

I don't have two teenage daughters\!

I don't have a mortgage!

I don't have a car note!

Now let's tack on all the other shit caving in around us.

Chicago Transit Authority is increasing our fare.

Chicago has now become the murder capital of the world!!

So lets see, I have to duck and dodge bullets trying to get to the train station!

Only to be told there's an  equipment problem. (Brand New Train)

Then get to my job and work 7.5 hours of 8.25 an hour!

It gets better...I have to do the same shit on the way home!!