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Monday, February 25, 2013

Foot Soldiers

What I'm about to discuss is nothing new.

I don't think it's quite sunk in to folks to the masses.

Oh, who the fuck am I kidding?!!!

The people that are most affected, probably won't read this!

Politicians want to charge consumers a higher tax on athletic shoes.

That's right gym shoes, running shoe, Cole Hahn with the Nike bubble, hell, maybe even Skechers!!

The reason behind this higher tax?

To help the funding of  programs.

What are those programs you ask?

I'll call "Low Income" programs.

Food, shelter, jobs and child care... and whatever bullshit programs they decide to lie about.

In other words if "Laquisha" keeps having kids and she can't afford child care, guess what?

Your Air Jordan's are footing the bill!

If "Bud from the Militia" has a drug problem and needs a check  guess what?

Your New Balance is giving him a new life.

If  Hector is released from prison and needs job training, guess what?

Your Adidas is aiding him.

This is one of the brightest and dumbest ideas ever concocted by politicians!

The majority of people that buy sneakers are Minorities!

Minorities single handily have put placed Air Jordans as the top selling shoe of all time.

No correction is needed.

In the beginning it was the minority (majority) buying that overpriced shoe.

We've made it cool to splurge on a $250 sneaker.

Politicians are thinking, well if folks can afford to buy a pair of shoes a week, then
maybe we will pay the extra tax.

We are already paying a king's ransom for alcohol, cigarettes and water.

People bitched and griped about the extra money they pay for these items, yet we still purchase.

Politicians realize the same with sneakers.

We want the next big thing (sneaker).

We will stand in line, fight for position and damn near trample a person for a pair of shoes.

I love sneakers too. But, I be damned if  I pay over $50 for a shoe.

As usual politicians sneak some shit in on folks and no ones paying attention!

Politicians know that if its something we love, we will continue to buy!

Just waiting on the next pimp move.

I wonder how much is going to cost to just fucking breath?!!!

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