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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Before you Beyonce dick holders start tripping and calling me a hater,
 leave this page and go spend $300.00 on her concert.

I have a question?

How can we condemn Lil Kim, Foxy Brown or Nicki Minaj for behaving like ratchets on occasion?

This new music Beyonce has streaming up every one's draws is the ring leader of ratchets!

Tell  me how did she get a pass?

Why because she is classy?

There's nothing classy about "B" when she is singing(well that's what you guys call singing) about surfboarding on Joe Camel's(Jay-Z) dick!!

Maybe I'm a little old fashioned or a lame as I've been called on occasion.

I have issues with  some of these young acts, more so the women.

Women carry themselves with class.

Right now, its more like KLASSY!

When a women reaches a certain age like "B" I expect them to go the mature route.

It's like telling Carrie Anne (Poltergeist) go towards the light.

That's probably why I love Vanessa Williams so much.

She didn't want to dance forever or be this "I think I'll wear less clothes" person.

Quite honestly I don't want to listen to an album dedicated to your exploits in bed.

Shit me and my partner could give you mofos a run for your money.

I don't want to share what we do.

 Certain things remain private.

Can't have the best of both worlds.

I want my privacy but, I wanna tell the world how great and freaky it is with Joe Camel!

This shit sounds like a last resort when so called Divas are on the way down.

As Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton and countless others found out late in their careers.

You can't stay young forever.

Its okay to pass the baton to the next young lady.

If only we could have more acts that are respectable like Janelle Monae or Chrisette Michelle.

For some reason men get a pass.

We accept them wearing baby gap shit!

Wearing hip hop attire pass their prime with a tooth pick dangling from their mouths.

I just think their asses don't know any better.

Friday, January 24, 2014


                     Wanna talk about getting it in the Ass?!!

Maybe Rodman is used to it. The treasury department (look the other way) is coming at him with a broom handle, vaseline and not asking for permission to proceed.

Let's preface by saying: I wasn't a fan of Rodman visiting that knucklehead in Korea.

I believe that there are certain lines a celebrity should not cross.

Especially when the person you are keeping company with happens to be a spoiled tyrant, who has no regard for human life.

But, that's just me.

Its obvious that Rodman sleeps well at night knowing what this man's stance is when it comes to human rights.

That being said: 

The treasury department (look the other way) has decided to throw the book, whiskey, furs, vodka and Air Jordans at Rodman.

There was a Bill that Mr. Obama signed, barring folks from here transporting items as such to Korea.

I'm still trying to figure out how the hell did he get them over there.?

Isn't that why we have customs on standby?

Especially when we travel overseas.

That's why I smell a RAT of the Democrat and Republican kind.

Had Rodman not been a emotional drunk on national tv, I don't think this would have been addressed.

How many times has he traveled to Korea? Yes more than once.

Where the fuck was the treasury department when Beyonce and Jay-Z went to Cuba?

Unless they passed a ghost Bill, I'm under the assumption that it's still illegal to place one fucking stiletto on Cuban soil!!

Treasury department looked into that situation and then looked away!!

Another idiot Michelled Bachman used her campaign funds to take her family on a short trip to Switzerland.

Again the "look away department" swept that shit under the rug.

Folks, I tell you if you have money and connections, you can get away with murder.

I don't condone what Rodman, did but I also don't like this pick your poison attitude of the....

                          LOOK THE OTHER WAY(treasury department)
Dennis Rodman reportedly brought thousands of dollars in luxury gifts to Kim Jong Un for his birthday. Now, Washington's looking into whether those gifts violated U.S. sanctions.