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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ridiculous! You have no background on the situation and absolutely no idea what actually happened and yet you still spew forth your race-baiting liberal garbage.

Not sure who Zionpastor is, but he felt compelled to comment about another "STAND YOUR GROUND"

 incident that took place in Florida.

The post in question is titled  "another stand your ground".

If you have not read it, please do so before reading the rant forth coming.

I was told I don't have any background on the case and I'm race baiting.

He's right I don't have any background.

I will say I don't race bait.

It appears lately that it's the same situation.

We'll call it deja "fucking" vu!

Black person unarmed, white person feels threatened and pow black person dead and can't testify because

his ass is crossing the road into after life.

Zionpastor, how the fuck is that race baiting. The BAIT is being BLACK!!

I'm sick of white folks using the "STAND YOUR GROUND" cop out!

I guess that's the new thing.

 Playing the insanity card  doesn't work anymore.

In the past two years (what the media allows us to know), there have been five incidents of people using the 


Four black people are dead.

 One is alive.

Let's discuss the one that survived.

His wife (black) fired a warning shot in the air. 

She used "STAND YOUR GROUND and was given twenty years in prison.!!!!!

Wow how about that?! 

Same state, same circumstances, but denied the same plea!!!

Ambulance chaser Jesse Jackson waited over a year to visit. 

Black folks: 0- THE SYSTEM: 1!!

That's not race baiting Zionpastor, that's reality!

The two black men that were murdered  in their car by the guy you are defending, were unarmed and 

SITTING in their car.

 What harm can a person do to you while sitting (unarmed)?! 

 The killer in question used "STAND YOUR GROUND"

That's not race baiting Zionpastor tha'ts reality!

Black folks: 0 - White folks: 2!

Trayvon Martin was walking home with a pack of skittles and a tea.

He was profiled, pursued, approached and ASSASSINATED by that fat fuck Zimmerman!!

In Zimmerman's case the media tried so hard to portray Martin as aggressive and a kid who was put out of 

his misery by Zimmerman.

This is my theory, Zimmerman approached Martin and expected Martin to be submissive.

When that didn't happen, an altercation occurred.

Martin started whipping that ass and that's when he was fucking murdered!!

Zimmerman used "STAND YOUR GROUND".

That's not race baiting Zionpastor, that's reality!!!

Black folks: 0- White folks: 3

Fast forward July/2013,  black people sitting in a car parked in  the lot of a convenience store.

White male pulls up next the car. 

He felt threatened after asking them to turn their music down.

White male turns the vehicle into target practice and MURDERS one of the men in the car!

Guess what? He uses "STAND YOUR GROUND"!

Black folks:0- White folks 4


Unfortunately its white folks reality and a nightmare for black AMERUKANS in Florida!!!!

 "The Sunshine State"

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