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Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Ex

This is for the people out there that don't understand because of their fucked up ways,why or refuse to realize why they are alone.

I will quote what you say and then I will quote what you should say.

You: If you took your partner for granted(assuming they are your maid or personal slave).

The other you: Take the initiative to clean, wash clothes. If you can't cook, take your partner somewhere other than TGIF or Harold's Chicken! Tell your partner you appreciate everything that they do for you. No matter how small the task, an acknowledgment goes a long way.

You: If you never have anything nice to say.(The "B" word or Hoe)

The other you; How's this, "baby you look good", or "baby I missed you today".
Also, start calling your woman just that YOUR WOMAN!!!. 
This shit doesn't make you a punk, you're being what's called a grown up!

You: Always negative, life is just riding your ass into a quick depression.

The other you: Shit could always be worse. Keep your head up. Your partner would like to know at some point life is okay.
Here's a hint: If your partner just listened and  never has anything to say, chances are the motherfucker is planning an escape. I don't want to hear that shit everyday. It's annoying and a complete turn off.
If you doing all the griping, when do you have time to listen to me?

The other you: Pick one or two days out of the week to bitch! Or sometimes just shut the fuck up!
Pretend that shits okay! 

You: Arguing, fighting and loud! Laying hands on a motherfucker ain't cool. The line of work I'm in, and the shit I carry, I could easily knock your ass into the afterlife!! I'm not a fighter. So, for me to fight all day at work and have to come home and trade blows is a no-no!! Showing your ass in public or in front of my friends, brings on an early dismissal! Young people could really learn from this. The screaming isn't necessary outside or at home. If I bug you that much, might I suggest you exit your ghetto ass left off the stage!! 

The other you: Keeps drama to a minimum. If I ain't cheating or hanging til the wee hours of the morning, my house hold needs to remain at peace. If you got all that extra energy, try using that shit towards something positive. I don't know, possibly a hobby. When I'm good and not stressed, things get done and my mind is clear. Which means you get the world.

You: Weak, can't do for self. I don't like weak woman, not even as a friend.  Learn to manage your life as if I didn't exist. I asked an ex once, if I drop dead right now, what would you do? Life carries on without my narrow ass!! The sun doesn't rise or set on me. We don't have to do everything together. I call that crowding. We need our space from each other from time to time.

The other you: Getting shit done without me saying anything or waiting on me to do it. Me doing shit all the time, is not taking charge, that just means you are lazy as fuck! I'm okay with you taking the wheel sometimes and driving. I admire any woman that has the drive to hustle(legally), knows what she wants and will do anything (legally) to get it done. Such a turn on!!

Here are a few reasons why you are an "EX"

Cheating: The reason: I was never home. So, my busting my ass on two jobs, gives you a free pass I guess!

Partying: If you like to "turn up" and shut the bars down, you should not be in a relationship. Who the fuck wants to wait on a drunk chick to get home? Then depending on what type of drunk you are either we are fighting or you going to sleep. No, I'm not screwing a drunk person\, unless we are drunk together.

Assuming: Saved this gem for last. Your partner never says a damn word. House is a mess, you're a mess, relationship is a mess. The one thing you are positive about is I would never leave you or that I have nowhere else to go. Remember(planning an escape) for all  the reasons that I stated is why you are an "EX"!!!!!

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  1. Don't forget insecurity and lack of appreciation!