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Friday, August 17, 2012

Corporate America

What is it about people with power?

What is it about people with power that make them the biggest shits on the planet

I'm not talking about people like Donald Trump, or Mitt Romney.

We know they are assholes.

I'm referring to Corporations like Boeing, Bank of America, Motorola and MACY'S.

Let's trickle this shit down a little further.

Executives, Managers, and leads.

Yep, I'm referring to the people with that, inside these four walls power.

These folks really don't have power outside of work.

Once they leave the office, they are just like the rest or us Some BITCH on the street!

These are the folks that end up getting a boot in the ass.

These are the folks that make a person go outside of themselves and  pull their fucking throats out.

Why you ask?

These are the folks that represent these companies.

I have a theory.

Not all but a select few have this I believe sociopathic behavior.

I believe these motherfuckers are just evil.

No rhyme or reason to their fucked up behavior.

Not satisfied until they've upset, disrupted, hurt or damn near stroked out everyone around them!
 What gives you the right to just fuck over people and their money?

What gives you the right to be so dismissive to a person?

What gives you the right to try and attempt to tell me my worth?

 Why the fuck do I need to jump through hoops, in order to get what's rightfully mine?

 Again, you wonder why folks catch you falling asleep at the wheel, and beat your ass in an elevator!

This is the shit I've seen on the news or have witnessed at the work place.

Managers or executives never say your name.

You my friend are a "SUBORDINATE", with an employee i.d. number!!

You are what they call expendable.

Sure you have a degree, so what?

Corporate still wants to pay you minimum wage at fifteen hours a week.

Let's not forget, work you like a slave. All the while you have to keep smiling
Just from my experience, people make you think long and hard about taking a wrong turn and end up at
the workplace, ready to wreck some shit.

The only reason I won't is because, I have a birthday party to attend.

Seriously, I rather stick it to your back stabbing asses another way.

I want companies to see exactly what they have out here representing their BRAND!!

So, get ready.

I am now a whistle blower, big mouth, can't shut the fuck, will tell everything I see motherfucker!!!

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