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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan

I'll never understand the way most Americans think.

Specifically Republican Americans. I don't get it.

We have before us two guys that are the polar opposites except when it comes to keeping the poor, middle class and anyone over sixty five years old at that 99% mark.

Let's start with Mitt.

 America still isn't sold on this guy.

Exactly how long did it take for him to officially win the nomination?

But Republicans as usual will take what they can get.

Mitt Romney flip-flops so much, he should  ask the Olympic committee to add it as a sport  for the 2016 games.

The coming debates should be entertaining.

We know when rich Mitt gets flustered, he has a tendency to stutter and become upset.

Let's just see between the giggling, lying and screaming what happens.

The GOP isn't  sold on him, their just going with the flow.

As for that goof troop of Republicans that not so long ago,  were running against him, are now

brown nosing and praising the guy.

Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and a select few are hoping for something in return  on their investment.

The most alarming of all is his V.P. running mate Paul Ryan.

Mitt is has yet to back Ryan on a lot of his backwoods statements that he's made lately.

Can't blame the guy.

 Sooner or later Mitt, I need to know if you feel the same way.

Not for my sake. I'm not voting for you.

You need to let the millions of dummies that chose you as a last resort!

Now turning my attention to Paul Ryan!

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