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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paul Ryan

Oh my god...He works out!

Oh my god...He has a great body!

Blah, blah, fucking blah!!

Please people!

Give me a break!

 When you have a guy that scares some Republicans, that's saying something.
Let's get the back story on Paul "your vagina is mine" Ryan.

Paul doesn't just work out in the gym.

He spends the majority of his time working over anyone that's not in a high tax bracket.

First, senior citizens: Paul has been given the name "the kill medicare guy".

Get rid of medicare and privatize social security!

When anything is privatized, here comes corporations from afar to put their two cents

in how things should be run.

Get it corporations, big time donors for his Ryan's campaign.

I have a theory Mr. Budget, why not tax the rich more?

Women: Paul wants to do everything to a vagina but poke one.

The latest is that "rape is a form  of contraception" Huh?

Ryan and Akin are on the forefront of this crap!

Let me clarify, as a women, I have no say so what's going on with my crotch.

Here come the spend doctors.

Referring to Ryan and Akins comments: "Well those comments are just distractions."

No motherfucker, they are not! What little they have, these two morons were saying what was on their minds!

This shit ain't brand new about Ryan.

Romney knew what he had' I'll call "crotch capitalist" on his hands.

Romney has no control over a man that has control issues.

But because he knew sorry ass women with wet undies would fall for Ryan.

Get the women vote at any cost, including passing bills that give "corral a crotch" Ryan the power to do what he wants with my friend.

Ladies, that would not be a victory for vaginas.

No say, no opinion, no voice  nothing!

That's exactly the America I want live in and prosper.

I despise everything that Paul stands for.

He's an elitist, extremist and most of all a capitalist!

If you are a broke bitch old or young bitch, he could care less.

There are so many negatives on Ryan, that I can't not post them all.

I just happen to talk about the three major reasons why this fool is poison.

When I see the so called powerful women in politics, celebrities not finding a microphone and voicing their thoughts about this idiot, I become more enraged.

Where the fuck is Republican first lady Elisabeth Hasselbeck, powerful Republican women?

I know has usual sitting there and being quiet, like the good "STEPFORD WIFE"!!!!

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