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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Future Downfall of the Middle Class

I knew what was coming. Rumors swirled around for weeks.

So even though, it wasn't a surprise, it still made me cringe.

Mitt Romney as usual fucked up by introducing him as the next President of the United States.(then again, maybe not)

Paul Ryan was introduced as Romney's running mate.

That's what the Republicans are putting out there ladies and gents.

Two men who don't have a clue how to run the country nowhere but in the ground.

Two men who could care less about the Middle Class, the living from check to check Americans.

Two men that have issues with Americans health. ( at least the ones that can't afford health care).

Two men I guess, that wants anyone over sixty five to just shut up about social security.

There it is an introduction, to Mr. Uptight and Mr.Economics.

Don't worry in the coming weeks, I will make sure everyone gets a healthy dose of Paul Ryan.

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