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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby, It's Not Me It's you!

I decided to be a little light hearted today.

I wanna know ladies and gents what makes a relationship work?

I know about the 50/50 bull crap.

Let's be honest and agree there's no such thing as 50/50.

Woman pretty much take 70% or more whenever she feels the need.

I want to know why are expectations placed so high on a person.

If the person you decided to have a relationship with came with a disclaimer, who's at fault?

I come with one. Well several.

A tendency to forget.

Issues with communicating with my spouse.

Has a problem with arguing..Don't like to.

Don't sleep well at night so chances are I will be up til 3AM.

Short attention span.

I'm not a going out type of person, don't try to turn me into a club hopper.

I need to be accepted as I am.

What maybe fucked up to you, is fine in my eyes.

Been this way for a minute!

So, excuse me if I'm not able to conform to your liking at the drop of a dime.

Shit takes time!

 Then there's the...I have a lot of shit I'm dealing with.
Guess what? So do I.

I don't believe that we are suppose to be in agreement all the time.

What I look for is to walk away and give me space to get it together so that I don't say something stupid.

I can't speak for anyone but myself.

My past relationships are just that in the past.

If I didn't learn from it, then I can't take anything to the next relationship.

To be frank, for the most part, I didn't learn much.

For me, I was always working and being the provider.

Never had time to try and nurture.

Some cases it backfired.

Either they cheated or couldn't handle me not being around.

Again disclaimer: Workaholic!

I do know now, that I don't have the patience for someone that doesn't have patience for me.

Dealing with my erratic ass takes a lot.

Disclaimer:I know I'm a scatter brain.

I know I have a nervous condition...My mouth will have all kinds of smart shit coming out of it, to the point you may w ant to slap my ass with a brick!

 Everyone wants everything all at once.

In this day and age, if its not happening RIGHT NOW, there's a problem

This is probably where the communication peace comes in.

How about asking one another some simple questions.

Could be the two of you are crossing paths at the wrong time, maybe you are just wrong for one another.

Maybe the person on the other end may not have the patience to deal.

That's okay. Just means that some people are not compatible.

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