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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fast Food Employee Shoots Would-Be Robber Dead At Rally's

Petty thieves haven't figured out yet, that maybe you need to leave scary folks alone. I guess the memo arrived late.

A Rally's restaurant in Gary Indiana has proven that point once again.

This attempted crime shouldn't have happened in the first place.
If the owner of the franchise (BP -British Petroleum), had taken the necessary measures to secure a door that the employees had warned management about numerous times.

Anyway, thats another subject.

The story goes....two criminals enter the restaurant with the intention of robbery and who knows, maybe grabbing some Rally burgers.
One of the knuckleheads grabs an employee, the other one brandishes some type of automatic weapon, WHEN OOPS - one of the employees fires a weapon of his/her own.
This employee is actually a pretty good shot and gets off some well-placed shots at the attackers according to witnesses. They run out of the restaurant.

Twelve hours later, one of the attackers was found dead in a vacant lot.
Apparently, the Rally worker seriously popped a cap in that fool's ass.

The dead attacker as usual, had a history of crime like a phonebook.

A couple of things here...

1)Word to retarded criminals, there are some of us who are waiting on the right time to take your asses out when you fuck with us.

2) When you, the criminal, decide to commit a crime, make sure your buddy is a ride or die motherfucker. In other words don't leave my ass for dead at the sign of trouble or a glitch in the plan.

3)How about using a car instead of being on foot?

It turns out that the spokesperson for the police said the shooting was in self defense.

Okay, I'm just curious, what in the heck is going on in Gary, IN, that an employee needs to have a weapon sitting next to my fries or shake?

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