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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pathetic Patriot

That title belongs to Ted Nugent and he wears this shit like a tailored suit for idiots. I've never been a fan of celebrities endorsing or getting involved in politics, it's not a good mix and because the ego is usually always involved. Half the time these celebrities don't have a clue and spout off something they've heard at at a cocktail party without investigating the facts and they talk too damned much!! Recently, Ted Nugent decided to pop his gums while at a NRA function, which if you saw the video, looked like a redneck militia meeting. This backwoods dipshit decides to go on one of his typical rants about the President. He mentioned "cut off the head of the snake" - the snake being our President, and said, "they're all criminals", assuming that he is referring to the President and our current cabinet members. He then went on to say to his fellow gun-toting nutjobs that "if our President is re elected, he(Ted) will either be in jail or dead - personally, I'm hoping that they lock his dumbass up and kill him. All this bullshit was done on the heels of this old fart promoting his new book. Just watching that video made me fucking cringe. I hate subjecting myself to such things but we have to know what the right hand is doing at all times. His audience was mesmerized by everything that came out of his nimrod piehole. Have we not learned anything from Sara Palin's crosshairs incident? We haven't recovered from simple members of the Aryan Nation killing people or that slow bus candidate for sending Congresswoman Kathy Giffords to an early retirement. I will never tire of asking...where the fuck were you and all of the Mr. Obama's critics when Bush/Cheney were running our shit into the ground? They were some of the biggest crooks around, lying about intelligence to propel us into some wars that we still can't completely disengage ourselves from...had Nugent said the same crap about President Bush, Cheney would have had quickly his ass dealt with. Better yet, that fool would have been charged with treason. So, now that the Secret Service wants to have a few words with Nugent, this aging pebble star(not rock), doesn't think he said or did anything wrong. Now, he wondering what he did, backtracking like a motherfucker. Which lets me know that he's really full of shit and in this for the money and publicity....

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