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Monday, April 30, 2012

Reckless & Stupid With Your Sh%t

A moment of intimacy between two people should be memory that you reflect back on one day and it brings a smile or a big ass grin to your know, the warm fuzzies! That memory should not be you trying to figure out if Biff or Chip gave you a STD milkshake. These days, its about how many you can nail or place another notch in your belt, basically quantity over quality. The anger that I feel and perhaps the anger of others, is how reckless folks have become with their bodies. V.D. and Gonorrhea have made a comeback in a major way in recent years. You would think with that with our fatal friend called A.I.D.S. around, folks would have slowed their desire to have sex on a regular with so many different partners without any protection. Celebrities and athletes make this shit appear glamorous, but there is nothing glamorous about contracting the latest version of gonnoherpesyphilaids. On the flip side of that body mis-abuse, athletes disturb me a little more because their dumbasses are always having "Baby Mama" drama every year with a different bitch trying to score a come up and get paid. I mean you would think these guys would get tired of going to child support court. You really have to question the women that know these guys are reckless with their shit. If he is sticking you raw, then, he is more than likely sticking others raw. You both are STD vending machines - what a price to pay, playing pregnancy roulette. Why would you, as a woman, put yourself in a position to get pregnant, and quite possibly get some other package in the deal that you didn't sign up for, all for a possible monthly check? I mean, that is if he doesn't get dropped by his team and experiences "money problems" or just doesn't want to own up to his responsibilites. Young people seem lost when it comes to common sense and view this shit as being cool and regular. Trust me, there is nothing "regular" about being a frequent patient at the clinic where they know you by first name. Another troubling fact of modern life is early pregnancy. TV shows like
16 and Pregnant
My Wife and Kids
give off the impression that it is fine to get knocked up before you can take care of yourself without mommy and/or daddy's help. There is nothing cool about having sex at the tender age of 13 or 15 years old, and bragging to anyone that will give your trifling ass an ear, that you've slept with a slew of indidviduals and all those guys are friends with each other. Guys, you're just as bad and not exempt from my anger. Don't call a girl a whore when you are slinging your shit as far and wide, you are are a man-whore, and there's no difference between the two of you but genitalia. Becoming a dad as young as 10 or 13, doesn't say you're a man, it says you made a baby that doesn't have much of a chance, especially when you are mostly absent from its life. Babies raising babies is not a good mix. If the teens have some good, mature parents to help out, maybe teen parent and child, can both finish high school, at least. So, where did this widespread, reckless, and stupid behavior come from? Some say that maybe society is different now, it moves at a faster pace and views are different. Generally, no real accountability and responsibility is taught and required. Unfortunately the end result is the same, more individuals that make bad decisions and don't think things through.

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