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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Police officer shot at 2nd job

Clifton Lewis, a Chicago Police officer who had taken a side job at a convenience store to help pay for his wedding,(he proposed to his fiance on Christmas Day), was shot and killed by two hoodlums trying to rob the store where he was employed. Reports state that Officer Lewis never stood a chance to defend himself - he was basically ambushed.

In recent years, it seems police officers seem to have a bullseye on their backs. From all personal testimonies, Officer Lewis set the standard as to how a black man and more importantly, how a good man should present himself.

He was a great father to his 11 year old daughter, was a beloved father figure to his fiance's son, who by the way, is in college, and he loved the community where he lived and was always there to help others.

We always hear about the "bad" cops which makes Officer Lewis' death even more sad. Maybe it's just me, but I'm so sick of the "gangsta league" getting away with shit.

Why can't we just pick these bitches off? No, really hear me out.

It just seems like these rejects look for uniforms and badges, so why can't I just drive by and put a bullet in everyone's head who's wearing a black hoodie or a white t-shirt and hanging on a street corner or porch all day, everyday?

I want justice for all the innocents killed by these trashy hoodlums!

The old negro spirituals method of walking down the street with arms locked and trying to reason and talk sense into these fools isn't working. I get so sick of people talking about compassion for these fools and their plight. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your actions and maybe choosing to do the right thing?

Sometimes a stronger stance has to be taken - how many of the good guys have to be taken out by these fools who don't value anything or anyone?

Oh, I forgot, we have to remember, that the ACLU and other civil rights groups are worried about us violating their rights.

Where the fuck are they when innocent people rights and lives are taken?

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