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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Perry Drops Out of Presidential Race….About Time

Now that Cain, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Perry have dropped out of the Republican races, it's time to play "I'll be a bitch" role.

Now, Jon Huntsman, who couldn't stand Romney and made him the target of most of his attacks now backs him.
Rick Perry who doesn't like anyone that's not from Texas, is now backing Gingrich of all people.

Folks, this is why I don't play into this politcal game.

If I had been backing Huntsman, you have to be wondering, you told me a week ago that Romney ain't shit - now you're supporting his ass?

Who's the flip flop?

Rick Perry has so much venom running through his rich ass veins, that he is pushing for Gingrich, I guess to spite Romney.

Remember, Gingrich's leadership was in question.

He was the male version of Sarah Palin, didn't finish anything and would quit, or really in his case, asked to vacate and leave. His morals were in question because of infidelity and three marriages, questionable endorsements, and shady business dealings with Washington lobbyists and insiders.

So far, no one has claimed Rick Santorum.

It could be that he reminds us of Alex P. Keaton, from "Family Ties"...wearing different colored "Lands End" sweater vests from Sears. He really is trying to make that whole sweater vest look "happen" isn't he?

His ultra-conservatism puts off a lot of people too.

I mean this is the same man who vows to turn back the hands of time and make reversing Roe vs. Wade a priority of his presidency. He also wants to limit contraceptive choices for women. I mean, in Rick's world, if you prevent conception, it is murder. WTF???
Just because you have 7 children Rick, doesn't mean that all women want to be baby-making machines without choices.

His stance on gay marriage and gays raising children is another step into the early 20th Century....this guy is definitely not a man of today or hell, even yesterday!

But it's still early yet in this Republican game of musical candidates...

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