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Saturday, January 21, 2012

'Slavery' Math Problems Fallout Prompts Ga. Teacher To Resign

Just when you think the South is getting it together, I come across this headline.

Apparently the best way for a kid to solve problems during an assignment, is to add slavery references to the mix. You know, make the darkies feel comfortable.

Example: How many slaves does it take to pick fruit, or if a slave received two beatings everyday, how many would that be for week?

Only in the South, can some teachers try and get away with this shit.

Only one of the Georgian teachers who came up with this test has resigned from this big fiasco, and we're still waiting on the other "molders of young minds" to step forward and quit.

Of course, the Superintendent in the area, Sloan Roach, is white. She offered up the statement, 'Maybe we need to go over the curriculum with our teachers.
Um, aren't you supposed to do that shit before, during, and after the school year?
It seems that Sloan was not annoyed by what the teachers were doing, she was more annoyed that they were caught.

Now this good ole Southern school district has shredded all those assignments and are starting anew with new test questions. Let's see, time, money, and energy spent on correcting a bad decision that you would have thought someone would have caught earlier, and said, "maybe this isn't a good idea".

I grew up in Mississippi and almost everyday the South makes me realize, the best the decision I made, was to get the fuck out of dodge.

I know how I am. I act out here when someone says the wrong thing to me. I can only imagine that I would be "on" 24/7 down there now.

This old way of thinking is insulting and backwards, what's even worse is when we as black folks are asked to forget about it.
Then "they" say we are way too sensitive, and need to move on or ignore their ignorance.

Why should I ignore your bullshit?

Your lack of braincells in not my problem; but when you try to put your mess on "Front Street" and ask me to deal with it, then yes, it does become my problem too.

Maybe I'm missing something...

Between a member of the KKK running for public office, to the outgoing Governor of Mississippi giving pardons to murderers, to Confederate flags flying at state capitals, and to this backwoods 1950's way of thinking, where the hell are the black folks that should be taking a stand?

I know where - in church praying that shit will go away.

Yeah, good luck with that!

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