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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Preckwinkle Blames Medical Examiner for Body Pile-up At Morgue

One of the best investments that I've made is burial insurance.

If I had to depend on the County, my dead ass would need to grab a ticket and wait in line and I am serious.

Cook County Board President Preckwinkle says the blame is solely on Nancy Jones, a long time medical examiner. Jones was given the Chief Medical Officer's post by former Cook County Head, Todd Stroger.
That explains a lot.

Jones can keep her job, as long she stays out of trouble or resigns.

Anyone that knew Stroger knows, that crooked bitch threw a monkey wrench into everything related to county services and became the poster boy for Chicago nepotism run rampant.

New Board President Preckwinkle has the same issue as President Obama - taking over an office from a nimrod.

So, again budget cuts are being blamed as usual.

Just looking at that picture of dead bodies stacked high, wall to wall, is sickening. It's not responsible and very disrepectful of the deceased. It shouldn't have to matter how much or little you have when you die, everyone is entitled to a decent, swift burial.

Okay, we'll play the blame game another way.

For now Jones & Precwinkle , we need you guys to come up with an action plan..

Update: Preckwinkle has ordered one of her top people to oversee Jones' actions concerning the morgue situation clean up until further notice. Talk about having to micromanage!

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