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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What rights is this idiot referring?

Woman With "Whites Only" Pool Sign: "I Have To Stick Up For My White Rights"

Okay, first of all, some of my best friends are white. For those that think racism doesn't exist in the post-racial fairy land America, this back in the woods, militia thinking broad is a prime example that it is alive and well.

The issue was that she thought a black girl's hair had chemicals in it and that would cloud the pool water at her building. After posting a sign that said "Whites Only", this national spokes person for white America, said her "white rights were being violated" when others complained.
I suppose white hair care products don't cloud chlorinated pool water too in her hillbilly world!

I've been around for awhile and have yet to see a Caucasian's rights taken, revoked,or rewritten especially at a pool. I'm black and I don't like seeing anyone play the race card let alone a person that has an issue with someone other than their race.

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