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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Coonery, @ an all time high.

Okay, I'm in court today. No, I didn't catch a case, I'm just there. True story.

There was a pregnant girl there named Precious accused of retail theft, specifically of stealing body glitter and fake nails and an older woman who was the complaining witness named "Cherry Delight". You know the State's Attorney cringed when he called her name!

Behind me were sitting three gentleman, and I use that term very loosely, that were no strangers to neighborhood pharmaceutical sales. These three could not sit up straight and were slouched over half know, putting their best foot forward for their court dates.
One of these mental giants complained a little loudly that the person calling people to the bench could not read the names from the docket. I guess trying to figure out how to pronounce all the Tyquanises, Escaladedes, and Joquishhnas do take a toll on the eyes and mouth after a while.

Here's the thing about our three intellectual hustlers though, I can't type what they were saying because it was too hard to understand.
I can't type ebonics, slang, ghetto-ese or for that matter lazy tounge speaking and slurred words. They wanted to criticize her reading, when I would bet my paycheck that none of them could even read Doctor Suess. Only thing these knuckleheads read are pounds and ounces.

I used to say, "thats our future". I've realized now that they are not our future and their goal has never been to age gracefully.

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