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Sunday, May 27, 2012

KKK Invites North Carolina Residents To A "Whites-Only" Cross-Burning

There really isn't a need to get upset about a backwards thinking group of assholes who obviously have nothing else better to do. I'v always thought that if I can't see you, then in my world, you don't truly exist. In my book, only a coward hides their identity, only a weak bitch needs reassurance, and only a dumb fuck is a follower! You have to really be a sour ass prick that has to a be around other like-minded sorry asses, to feel like you belong to something! In this case, unfortunately that something is the KKK. Yeah, this ragtag team of low IQ misfits still exists and try to pull off white power "self-esteem building" events in states like North Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas. Unfortunately there's not much people can do, outside of shooting all these fucks in the kneecap. I figure if you do that, at least they can be identified and branded as dumb fucks, no words needed. Let's look at the big picture... These people want any attention that they can get - it's like dealing with a bunch of two year olds. 'Look at me, listen to me, I'm upset 'cause whites are the new minority - let's take back "our" country'! Their way of thinking will never change because it has been passed down through generations of stupidity, and when you are closed off to the world, aside from the internet, where the only sites that you look up are Aryan Nation and Stormfront, there is little to combat the racism - so again, it is to be expected. However, what I won't tolerate is disrespect in my backyard or while I happen by one of you sorry sheet-wearing bitches! Other than that, have at it - burn all the crosses and destroy all the Wal-Mart sheets that your welfare, unemployment, or SSI can buy. Just be a good ole boy and stay the fuck out of my way!

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