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Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Anti-Gang RICO Bill Will Fight The “Disease,” Says Alvarez

The Street Gang and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, RICO for short, was passed by the General Assembly last week. This means that basically county prosecuters can aggressively go after gang leaders now on evidence that would previously not be considered substantial enough for prosecution. Question...just who the hell were they going after prior to this act being passed? By the way, Governor Quinn has yet to give his blessing on this act and we all now how much he drags his feet. But back to this act.... This is where everything starts to smell fishy, where you begin to tap your temple and wonder to yourself, hmmmm... Why couldn't you guys go after gang members and leaders effectively before? I'll tell you my take on it. Arresting the leader does little-to-nothing to a gang that's organized or not. We've seen that first hand with the Latin KIngs, Russian Mafia, Four Corner Hustlers, or The Gangter Disciples just to name a few. That old proverb "cut off the head of the snake" doesn't even begin to apply. During th NATO Summit, we had few, (or unreported), serious incidents for those three days. The minute that the world leaders packed up and headed out, the city became the O.K. Corral with a gun fight every hour on the hour. There were forty shootings and many of fatal in a three day period - unbelievable! This makes me believe that if you can control these simple bitches for three days, we can certainly control their asses for longer periods of time. Think about it, most of Chicago's Finest, including outside sources, were all downtown or somewhere in the vicinty cracking skulls which made the rest of the city a virtual sitting duck with all the attention being focused on the the summit and downtown interests. Break it down with me. Everything has a price tag and that includes crime. Why arrest the leader, when every year they can arrest over hundreds of the guys standing on the corner doing street selling detail or driving that product from between state lines. That's a lot money we're talking about - lawyers get their cut, the courts get their cut, the city and county get their cut. The big grand prize winner are the prisoners that hold these casualties of the drug game. The national average for housing these idiots is approximately $32,000 a year. Now imagine if one hundred people from each gang were locked up. Think of Ray Ray and Little Man and El Hombre being incarcerated for twenty years each at that cost. Those boys are working for the state and don't even get it - they've traded one "boss" for another, this time, it is "society approved". It is obvious that with many of our legislators, law enforcement, and so-called upholders of the law hanging around with their palms open and getting greased that there is no incentive to keep crime down to a minimum on a regular basis. 'Just Say No' - that's one of the biggest jokes and frauds we've ever been told! o, that's why know were not doing all that we should to keep crime down at a minimum.

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