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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Psst....listen, Bristol Palin has something to say. Like we are supposed to drop everything to listen to the "words of wisdom" coming from this dingbat's mouth. Bristol criticized the president for endorsing gay marriage....this coming from a person who ruined her mothers fucked up attempt to run gunshot with McCain during the 2008 Presidential election. Ms. "High Morals" decided to get knocked up with an unplanned pregnancy and flaunt that shit like it was okay when she should have sat her ass down instead of showcasing her lack of any apparent talent on "Dancing With the Stars". The world was told to forgive this whore for being who she is at heart - a whore. We all know that if the Obamas' girls became knocked up there would be no grace or easy forgiveness. Let's get back to Bristol... Elizabeth Hasselbeck, that other paragon of brain power from "The View" was her biggest fan saying "people make mistakes" and "everyone deserves a second chance". That may be true in some cases; but not when the person is obviously obsessed with remaining relevant by leeching onto any controversial topic available. Did you know that this bitch is shacked up with yet another guy? Yes, after pimping the fuck out of organizations screaming "just say no" and promoting abstinence and celibacy, she decides to co-habitate with another guy who happens to love using racial slurs and making fun about people with Downs Syndrome on his Facebook page. And, to further step up her whoring game, she and her new beau are trying to shop a new reality show about their "situation" to the cable networks. Really, Bristol, with your fucked up choices, you really think your opinion actually matters with intelligent, thinking people? Exactly, preaching, primping, and pimping - learned right at Mama Sarah's knee. The fucking hypocricy of a no-nothing that the media still likes to get a sound bite from - must have been a slow news day! I would love to talk with this simple chick, but you and I know it would a one-sided conversation! And doesn't this wayward whore have enough on her plate? Full-time mom, full-time jerk, and full-time LIVING IN SIN....yet she has enough time on her hands to grab a mike and lend her unwanted criticism to the masses. This is where I start to have issues with so-called "Christians"... When something is not to their liking or it is not deemed "normal" to them, the Bible comes flying out and they start reciting shit, speaking in tongues, and wanting to spread the fucking word! It doesn't matter how effed up their own situation is - I guess it is easier to criticize others than truly being Christ-like and working on your own issues! But Bristol and people like her, can fornicate, drink, curse, steal, lie, gossip, or any of the evils of the world. They feel as though they can treat other people who aren't like them, like crap and feel that they are justified because of their own indignant righteousness - not very Christ-like at all! This bitch and neanderthals like her, act like the public is wearing blinders to their mess, and try to sweep their shit to the side like they aren't as fucked up as they truly are. Where the fuck is Sarah Palin? You really need to come and get your daughter and put a muzzle on her stupid ass! And while you're at it, Sarah, place a crosshairs on this bitch!

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