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Thursday, May 10, 2012

There's A New Swiss Miss In Town

Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann is a now a citizen of Switzerland! Ole Shelly B. just could not keep quiet, she had to shout it on the mountainside ala Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music! In a way, I wanted that rambling, crazy old broad to keep her brand of crazy right her in the U.S.A. I may be selfish, but perhaps on second thought, she should spread her antics on the international scene and double bonus, be closer to the Swiss bank accounts I know that she and her hubby have in Switzerland. Shelly says she has wanted to become a citizen for a while, being that she was eligible through her husband, and that her family decided to do it as a unit. I say why not.... You motherfuckers promote "the crazy" as a unit. You've become famewhores always looking for the next "photo-op" as a unit. You spew out lies and misinformation to the public as a unit. And, you went into debt with your campaign destined for failure as a unit. So, why not fly all that crazy overseas as a unit? Its obvious that Minnesota is too small for Shelly B....that stage is not large enough to hold her. There are plenty of politicians that have dual citizenship and didn't feel that they had to hold a press conference and entertain the media with the details. Because "Big Mouth" Bachmann is so pro-America, I would have thought this bitch would have kept mum on the matter. Mark my words, this not the last we will from Big Mouth Bachman, this is the first of many "news" announcements that she and her camp will make in the next six months before election time. This bitch is setting herself up for something. I believe that chick and unit cra-zay are heading for the border for a reason. Perhaps, she and her husband are going to set up international offices for her "pray and counsel the gay" away business - you know, because they've been soo successful here. Ha! I also believe that the word has gotten out about Big Mouth Bachmann in Switzerland, you know how bad news travels fast about crazy ass Americans!

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