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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Election Year Bulls%@!

The time has come to vote for the President of the United States of America again. I know, I know, Obama's stint was a short-ass four years. When Bush II was in office, it seemed like his shit dragged on for decades, didn't it, though it was only eight years. I touched on it a little bit earlier about how I've always wondered, when the media tells the public about "so-called" public opinion. If you didn't ask the entire nation, then how are you coming up with these results? I know I've never been asked - how about you? Polls don't mean shit unless everyone is involved. What pompous fuck chooses where these polls are held and who is asked? What pencil-pushing little shit decides how many people will be asked these "pertinent" questions? As, I've stated before, I'm an old crank, and I have never been ask to partake in these opinion polls ever. Think about it, if the election was based on you, the media is now telling us that Romney now has a sizeable lead, so, what would be the point in going out to the vote? If I was one of those slow bitches that pays attention to all the stupid rhetoric spewing from the TV, then chances are I would keep my easily swayed ass at home. This an important election coming up. Not just for president, but for we, as Americans who should be tired of getting it in the ass by the rich and corporate classes by now. I've been reflecting back on the President's performance for these past years and no, he didn't get an "A", but he doesn't deserve a "F" either. It seems like with a stacked Congress full of whining, racist, childish, selfish, "wanna get my way", so-called representatives of the people, Obama has spent a great deal of time conceding and bending over backwards to get the most basic issues accomplished. I'm speaking of both Republicans and Democrats, by the way. To those Republicans and Right Wingers out there.... When you can dupe the majority of Americans to think that health care for all, regardless of income or lack of income,is a bad thing, then you are a bad motherfucker! When you can dupe the majority to not pay attention to the fact that you as Republicans and some Democrats vote consistently in the interests of corporations and not the people who placed them in their office, then, you a bad motherfucker! When you can dupe the public to believe that subsidized child care, Social Security, and government pensions will be non-existent because of congressional budgets don't put American citizens as the priority, then, you are a bad motherfucker! When you can convince many people that George Bush II's years in the White House were the "good, old years" compared to now, not only do you have a skewed view of reality and history, because that's when some of the policies that failed us, as a nation were implemented, then, you are a bad mother - shut your mouth! When you try to pretend that people of color and same-sex orientation actually have a meaningful "seat" and voice in your conservative party, contrary to your history that they do not, then, you are a bad motherfucker! When you can try to bamboozle an entire nation to more than likely vote Republican, through a media blitz and carefully selected polls, ladies and gents, then, yes, you are some bad motherfuckers!

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