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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Funeral Home on South Side Under Investigation

Well, history be damned....

You would would think that after the chaotic bullshit that happened with Oaklawn Cemetary, folks would be careful with how they protect the dead.

The Cook County Coroner's Office recently had some serious issues because of bodies stacked to the ceiling and some people were fired.

So you ask - why the fuck is Harry Carter, the owner and operator of Carter Funeral Chapels in business?

Well, turns out that he wasn't legally - Harry took it upon himself to continue to operate his business even though his license was suspeneded.

And no, Harry didn't divulge this bit of crucial information to the public.

Let's just take a stroll down memory lane in regards to Harry's Chapels...

Records show that in 1996, Carter's Funeral Chapels was dissolved as a legal business entity, so why is Harry operating a business that exist in name only?

Harry Carter was disciplined in 1999 by the state of Illinois for operating without a license and failure to take classes to keep his funeral director's license current.

In 2006, he couldn't renew his license because Harry owned the state income taxes.

In 2009, Harry filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Let's fast forward....seems like Harry decided to make some cash and franchised the name of his former legal business out, behold, now we have Carter Chapels. This quality establishment has turned out to be unheated and without electricity.

Okay, sure it's a building that primarily deals with the deceased, but damn, Harry, really?

Fortunately, now the majority of the bodies have been removed from Harry's House of Horrors. Families who have deceased relatives that were being serviced by Harry, can't get a word with Harry concerning what is going to happen to their loved ones that were in the process of being embalmed and prepared for internment.

It's kind of odd, because every chance Harry gets, Harry got a lot to say to the media.

Here are some of Harry's gems:

"Those bodies were treated with the upmost respect."

"Had things not been compliant, I would've left in handcuffs instead of going home."

" All companies have their problems, look at GM and Chrysler".

So now were comparing nuts and bolts and assembly lines to the deceased? Smooth move, undertaker.

The problem with businesses like Harry's and the assholes that run them, is that they know the reason why people come to the them in the first place is because most families can't afford the better funeral homes.

So we go to the local funeral home like Harry's that's across the street from the liquor store, and has suspect ass employees.

I've never understood how the most pompous fucks in the world, when they get caught up in a swirl of dishonesty, never want to apologize.
They never want to admit to wrong doing.

At least Harry, have some dignity and give your customers closure.
Instead, now they have to go through a longer grieving process because of you and your shady business practices.

Talking to a new funeral director,making arrangments again,trying to get closure for the second time around.

But, no Harry, that's not your problem.

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