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Monday, February 6, 2012

Autistic Boy’s Autopsy Reveals That He Wasn’t Shot in the Head as Family Member Claimed

I'm in the middle with the tragic, accidental death of Stephen Watts.

Stephen, aged 15 years old, was fatally shot by the Calumet Police.

Stephen had Asperger's Syndrome which involves delayed development of basic skills, with the most notable, the skill to socialize or communicate with others.

That being said, The Calumet Police Department also had a history with Stephen Watts.

There were numerable occasions, over a dozen, where Stephen's family would call the police when Stephen became hard to control. It could get pretty violent, one of those times, he punched his mother in the face.

Other accounts on record, showed that the police had used tasers on Stephen to calm him down. Believe it or not, the family was okay with the shock treament in these incidents.

So, when the family summoned the police to the house again, on what was beginning to become a routine call, tragedy became reality.

Stephen was having another fit and wouldn't calm down, when he attacked and slashed an officer's arm with a knife,the two officers returned with gunfire, killing Stephen.

Now, Stephen's family members are upset.

The Calumet Police Chief stands by the officers involved in the incident.

Now here's why I'm on the fence...

The parents of Stephen knew his situation.
Because of his condition, maybe STEPHEN'S PARENTS should have figured out another way to get him help.

The Calumet Police aren't equipped to deal with Stephen's condition.
That should have been obvious, since the family let the popo tase his ass on several other occasions.

The parents and family members are at fault for blaming everyone except themselves.

In all honesty, I can't say how I would've reacted to being attacked by someone like Stephen, who had difficulty responding in situations.
Cleary, the police didn't have an officer with the appropriate skills on staff and stand-by to wait on a call from that household and ones like it.

But, to say that the police didn't have to kill him, because they've used tasers before, and the stupid ass rumor from a family member, that Stephen was shot in the head.

We don't know that.

Then again, to STEPHEN'S PARENTS had you and family members taken the time to use the proper channels, to get Stephen the proper help, we would not be minus one human being.

Were they too busy collecting that check from the state by having him in the household instead of a facility were he may have gotten more help.

"PRIMARY CARE TAKER" still comes with some responsibilities - shut the hell up!

You were thinking the same thing!

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