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Monday, February 6, 2012

Man Knifes Brother Over Fast Food Brownie

What do brothers usually fight over?
You'd probably name the usual stuff. A woman's affections, a nice car, some clothing, a parents attention?

In this case - Hell no!
Erik Cain and his brother, Gene Cain took it to a new, fucked up level.

Them boys were fighting over a brownie purchased at McDonalds, yes, you didn't misread that, they were fighting over a plastic-ass brownie!

I can honesty say that Mickie D's fries are to die for, but I've never thought to hurt someone over an order.

It all started when Gene cut the brownie in half. Well, that wasn't good enough and Erik wasn't in the sharing mood.

Erik took not one, not two, but three steak knives and went Stigmata on Gene, stabbing him in the forearem, a shoulder, and a wrist.

Don't count Gene out yet. Probably enraged and in disbelief that he got shanked over a dessert, Gene picked up a television, and threw it at Erik.

Erik fled, but was later arrested by police.

This wasn't the first time Erik turned into a Ginsu knife thrasher.
Last month, Erik was arrested for ...yeah, you guessed it - for slashing his girlfriend with a knife.

Ok, obviously, Erik has an anger problem.
The only good thing out of this is Erik manages to take it out on the people close to him and doesn't take the madness outside the family home.

Can you imagine this fool on the loose?!?

Ok, maybe a suggestion to his family, don't make "Angry Erik" upset and perhaps all utensils are tranferred to plastic and an effort should be made to keep Erik away from "the good stuff".

And by all means, please don't take any desserts from Erik. He apparently has a "sweet tooth" that none of us can truly comprehend.

Follow these simple tips and I'm sure Erik won't go Wolverine on your asses!

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