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Monday, February 6, 2012

Teens Who Placed Noose Around Fellow Student’s Neck Are Charged with Hate Crimes

I'm more than certain, that these three cowards, if found guilty, will not serve anytime.

And here's why.

The court system can say because of conflict,(his mother is an administrator for the state's attorney), that the sixteen year old won't receive favorable treatment.

It's because of that, that he will.

His attorney will make it appear as if he's the victim.
You know, what harm can a butter knife do?
He'll tell the judge that his client has suffered enough, that he was under peer pressure. After all, his mother had to take him out of school for his safety.

He'll probably get two days probation and be right back at the same shit he was doing, laughing the whole time.

Meanwhile, I'd like to place a noose around that bitch's neck and shank that prick in the ass with the same butter knife he used to threaten Merritt.

The same applies to the 17 year old. He'll get probation and carry on as if nothing ever happened - I bet Merritt won't have the same luxury.

The 18 year old was charged as an adult and he's been expelled from Brother Rice.

Sucks doesn't it?

The system expects the Merritt family to get over this shit, right after it happened. Or they do a little victim blaming making Merritt the bad guy, the same one who got threatened with a knife and a rope placed around his neck.
They are probably even thinking that, you know, this would not have happened had Merritt stuck with his own kind. I guess we should all know how to self-segregate ourselves from other races.

The majority who basically runs the system, doesn't think much about these incidents, hate crime carries little weight. That would mean the folks who are doing this cowardly shit are doing it on a regular.

It seems that the second you decide to respond to this ignorant behavior,then you're the bad guy whistle blower.

It is sad...Herrmann and the two nimrods, who decided to gang up one,just happen to fuck with a guy that didn't have any balls.

I know some of you are thinking the same thing - Let some little fucker approach and threaten me with a butter knife.

Let's just say I'll be in court for attempted murder.

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