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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things A Person Shouldn't Say To A Make-Up Artist

People in cosmetics are like magicians.

They make a person feel good about themselves.

They can help out your self esteem.

We as customers ask a lot of them...So, someone that works in cosmetics, has asked me to post what not to say to them, while their trying to help your dumbasses out!

Of course I put my two cents in.

If you are having a bad day, you need to keep that shit outside.
Don't take your situation out on us!

Just imagine for a second(It's not about you, the customer)the constant bullshit a makeup artist goes through on a daily basis, and then, they have to deal with your drama.

1. Don't ask an artist for their advice and tell them their doing it wrong.

2. Don't ask an artist for samples when you are returning items. So...ghetto!

3. Don't shop for foundation and you the customer won't let the artist do their job, by matching your dumb ass with a face of foundation.

4. Don't scream at the artist, when your favorite 30 year old product has ben discontinued. I don't wear makeup and even I know you need to switch your shit up with the times.

5. Don't approach an artist while working and ask them if they want to play on your face. Really?

6. Don't say" I don't need help" and begin asking me questions without pause.

7. Don't say "I look greasy" and you are dry as a bone. Or better yet, stay away from the "Paula Dean Diet". Cosmetics has nothing to do with that shit coming through your pores!

8. This one is funny..."I don't wear makeup, but can you make me look like Kim K.?

First of all, Kim K. doesn't look like Kim K.
That bitch is rebuilt from the ass up!
I just stated that makeup artist are magicians, not plastic surgeons, Dr. Oz. or Dr. Phil. That shit you asking, requires some mental stability.

9. For the love of God, don't drink red wine without getting a breath mint afterwards. I can't work on you when your breath is in chaos!

10. Lastly, we do not control our cosmetics stock. So... Don't yell at us in cosmetics, when we don't have your item. Call corporate!!!

Anyone working in the cosmetics field, I commend you.
You guys are a better person than me.

I would've lost my job the first day. Especially when they are drunk.
I would have sent their asses back outside looking like a clown, or looking like a corpes.

I've seen first hand how ignorant some customers can get.
Oh, I almost forgot, for the cross dressers and drag queens.

Stop being so damn extra! We know your gay and proud. But then again, stop trying to steal cosmetics.

What have we learned today?

Sit down, shut up and allow them to help your helpless asses out!

Dropping the mic!

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