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Friday, December 30, 2011

Suspect found in Church’s Chicken shootings

There are some places in America that I thought were still fairly safe to hang out...whites at a wrestling event, the police at any place that serves coffee, and black folks at any place that served chicken.

Here we have yet another senseless killing, where the gunman manages to always get the bystander(s)and not the intended target.

A few days ago, in the early evening, two lil boys(never young men in my eyes), began arguing outside in a Church's Chicken parking lot. When one of the guys ran into the restaurant, the other, a gun toting felon, opened fire.

Then, there there came the usual outcome...two people killed and five injured. Of course the boy who was the target managed to get away. My heart goes out to the two young men that were killed.

Is there any place safe to go???

I know, maybe we all should just stay home for a few days and hope these fucking cranks just kill each other off. My anger is directed towards Ray Ray, Tyquan, and them.

These fucks always want respect, grabbing their crotches, speaking a language I refuse to try and learn. Yeah, they love to say, "I'm the man" about being the fucking man and take the bullet that was meant for you.
You bitches need to go to the gun range and practice because you never hit your target. But then again, that would take effort and concentrated energy toward a goal and you know you aren't up to that! As you a-holes love to say, "real talk".

Then, there's the obvious lie that was just reported in the news that homicide killings are down in the city - I can't really tell, my last several post have been about killings.

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