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Thursday, September 1, 2011

4 juveniles charged with mugging lakefront bicyclist

This just in: People stop riding and running along the lakefront @ night! Okay let's start by posting, i'm sick of  parents not keeping up with their kids! These little rugrats I guess decided instead of playing video games, or you know, what just staying their asses @ home, head over to the 31st street bike trail. The student on the bike is pretty much stopped, knocked off the bike, & was kicked. Kids take his bike and bookbag. Eventually, bike and bookbag were recovered. Bookbag only contained books( no wonder it was recoverd). Books to these knuckle heads is like morning sunrise to Dracula. I want to know who planned the escape? These not so bright individuals left 31st and took the crazy to 35th lakefront. Only 4 kids were caught of the many cowards that jumped a defenseless guy. I think what's most disturbing is the youngest kid was 10 yrs. old. So.... Where the F_ _ K is the mama,dad, babysitter, grandma, foster parent, pimp?

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