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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Shoot-out At A Train Stop

Wow, unbelievable.... all I want to do is during my down time going home is listen to some music and decompress from a long day.

No chance of that cause now we have ghetto Wyatt Earp standing on the South Loop platform shooting folks.

The victim says he was just standing there. Later on, its revealed that the victim had gang ties and an arrest record. Should we be surprised?

I figure the reasons why these knuckleheads are migrating from the hood to the Loop and Gold Coast is because maybe the folks who had something to rob in their area are dead or in jail or had the good sense to move the fuck away!

I call it as I see it. No, I don't wish to see you raggedy folks downtown!

You are the sterotype that I despise! You bring the unnecessary ignorance, loudness, and ugly eyesore fashion. You make my eyes and ears hurt!

Shit, if I had a purse I'd clutch my shit too if you walked by.

Ghetto fab, White trash, being a thug is not cute.

No wonder you fuckers are profiled. I know stand out, you are noticeable in a negative way, you are the stuff of comedy sketches and you take yourself seriously? You tend to live up to every negative stereotype out there and then call foul when you live up to it.

I can't even go to or come from work without seeing one of you fast running bitches take someone's iPhone. Then again, I blame the owner of the phone - you should know better.

I'm so sick of this kind of shit being the standard for young men and women. This is a shout out to all races - GET IT TOGETHER!

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