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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The B-S Continues...Politicians Respond to Sears Closings Announcement

Trickery, Bamboozled, Tomfoolery, Quick Change Artists, Pulling the Wool over our eyes. Yeah, that's what I'll call the dumb shit that just took place between our Illinois Legislators & Sears Holdings/Kmart.

Maybe instead of calling them Sears Holdings, let's call them Sears holding Illinois Legislators' balls for good measure.

Sears Holdings asked for tax credits and special corporate considerations for the privilege of having their corporate headquarters remain in Illinois or they would be forced to move to another state.

My response would have been move bitches!

Of course after many palms being greased and not so transparent paperwork, Sears Holdings got what it wanted. The ink is not even dry on the paperwork and BOOM - two days later Sears Holdings announces that over one hundred stores are closing and people will their lose jobs.

I have some history working for Kmart back in the day, so I knew how this shit would pan out when they started haggling and whining with the state over staying or pulling up stakes.
Not too long ago Kmart laid off(fired) employees nationwide at the same time and made national news folks. Christmastime is a special time for Sears/Kmart...I guess they get sentimental over handing out pink slips over their hot cocoa.

Back to our legislators.... Rep. Silverstein spouts that maybe they should take a closer look the next time a business wants a tax credit.
Govenor Quinn says he didn't think that it wouldn't affect jobs in Illinois.

Really???? Quinn, how the fuck would you know - you're only in charge of the 5th most populous state in the country? It's not like you have to actually know what is going on with the business of your state as governor, right?

It seems that either our legislators are either fucking stupid or knew and just got paid (as usual) to push shit through. I think our guys in the capital are a little bit of both. Stupid enough to think that we don't know the majority of those pricks are taking bribes.

Not too long ago, I remember there was at least some sort of honor code you followed when you tried to screw the public over. Even the crooks tried to cover up their mis-deeds and we could never figure out who they were or what they had done until way late in the game.
Now, these bitches wear that shit like a badge of honor. One day they will tell you the state is broke and the next day they vote themselves a raise! They are all bold with their thievery now! The fat cats are being blatantly greedy and daring the public to say something about it!

The shame of it all is that the middle/ low income folks are getting it in the crotch yet again.

For those who don't know, there really isn't a reason to keep Sears' Hoffman Estates corporate office. That shit is like the Pentagon, it's like a mini city, where they have everything at their disposal. If you're corporate, it's a paradise where its inhabitants have gyms, a pharmacy, medical center, restaurants, spas, and other 5 star amenities. Hell, they don't have to even go home, which may be part of Sears' plan.

Former Mayor Daley ran this city in the ground with financially irresponsible deals that definitely didn't benefit the citizens of Chicago, alderpeople take bribes like it is their due - extra job perks, if you will, and if there is a god, Jesse Jackson Jr. might serve time next to his friend, former Governor Blagojevich - a person would have to be crazy to think he was innocent in that whole congressional seat bribe business. And then there is Quinn, our beloved Govenor who has never had a clue, at least publicly.

Representative Silverstein says he felt betrayed by Sears weak asshole, how the fuck do you think Sears/Kmart employees losing their jobs feel?

Here we are again folks, the neverending soap opera and embarassment of Illinois politics continues...

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