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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Only in Chicago – Lawmakers Ask Dems to Elect Recently Indicted State Rep

Only in Chicago...

Chicago was just given the dubious title of the most corrupt city in the nation.

That honor should have been state wide.

Did that bother the powers that be?
Hell no.

Let's bring in spring with a bang,

State Rep. Derrick Smith was arrested for allegedly taking a bribe of $7,000.

$7,000 to write a letter of support for a grant for a daycare center.

Derrick, why did you need the money?

Looking at your picture, you certainly aren't missing any meals.

I'm more upset with you guys getting your asses caught in a sling over chump change.

I'm not for dirty politicians.
In fact I despise them.

Politicans have the best of both worlds.

Decent salary, everything at your disposal, and able to vote into play the dumbest shit for their and special interest groups personal gain.

Great life right?
Yet these dumb fucks are always caught up.

Danny Davis, who and I quote "We know our colleague was charged with criminal activity, but a charge is not a conviction".

Danny, PLEASE will you sit your well beyond your prime, state misrepresenting ass down!

You of all politicians, should not speak on anyone's behalf.

You my friend and politicans like you, are part of the problem.

Good OLD boys network that has this city and state fucked up.

By the way, who are the dumbass with a voter's registration card, that keeps voting for your ass in office?

It's not me.

If Derrick accepted a bribe from an informant then, he needs to fade to fucking black.

If he's taking small bribes, that's a hint and a half that this twisted fuck is easy pickings.
All I have to do is dig deep in my pockets, knock the lint off, and hand his ass some change while winking one eye.

What the hell is Derrick representing?

How to take from the poor to line his own pockets?
That shit is the reverse of what he suppose to do!

Why am I helping?

Don't say because he is black.

That type of mindless thinking doesn't apply to me.
Remember when black folks voted for Todd Stroger because he was black.

That fucking midget tore cook county a new one, while smirking.

He rode the shit out of tax payers money.

Promoting unpromotable bitches, giving big raises to family members.

Stroger treated cook county like a friends and family retail event

The only positive out of Derrick Smith's situation, is that he's showing me what he is capable of not doing. That's being honest

Now if only knew what he was capable of doing.

I just don't have the patience to find out.

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