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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Assassination of Trayvon Martin

Really what else would you call what happened to Mr. Martin?

When a parent says goodbye to their kid leaving their house, they don't expect that to be the last goodbye.

In this case, Trayvon came from Miami to visit his dad at a supposed quiet, gated community. But then, you have a portly ass racist George Zimmerman, hovering around the area as the unofficial neighborhood watch captain, acting a damn fool.

It turns out that George has logged more than forty six calls to 911 about people he thinks are "suspicious" in recent years.
I'm certain 99.9% of the people who he would call about were black and Trayvon unfortunately fit the description.

So, on a night when Mr. Martin was walking home from the store, with a pack of Skittles and an iced tea, Zimmerman spotted him and called 911.
During the conversation, Zimmerman, I'll call him Predator, tells the dispatcher in a calm voice that Mr. Martin looks suspicious. In short, the dispatcher asked Zimmerman the Predator, to stop following Mr. Martin immediately. Within moments, there were gun shots and a kid screaming for his life, and shortly thereafter, nothing but silence.

I can just imagine Zimmerman after assassinating Mr. Martin, beating his chest like a fucking ape in the rain, and walking away, leaving a young man dead on the ground.

Trayvon was just TWENTY YARDS away from his house and this fat bastard creeps up with his cowardly ass and kills this young man in cold blood.

Neighborhood watch my ass…. kill a kid for no reason!

Let's start with the fact that there isn't an official neighborhood watch in that area. It is legal for Florida residents to have a gun as long as it's registered. So, why the fuck was Zimmerman carrying his shit around like Wyatt Earp in a gated community?

Zimmerman and the Sanford Florida Police Department agreed it was self defense. I say they agreed because who else was involved in this conversation? The HELL it is.

What can a defenseless kid carrying a pack of Skittles and an iced tea possibly do to your fat ass?

It is not a surprise when incidents like this happen in Florida, beyond Disney it is a pretty fucked up place to be. Race relations in that area suck and history leads me to believe that.
It has lead to tension, tempers flaring, and you can take it from there.
The shit going on down in the Sunshine State is not brand new, sad part it will never get old either.

Across America, from the shitty way people treat the President to another Racist Ass Town, USA, to innocent kids getting shot out of fear of stereotypes - black folks are going through it.

The problem I see is that it now seems to be happening more to young kids as opposed to adults, it’s like America is trying to tell kids, stop striving for shit, you will never be president, your life is worthless.
Don't go to college….that’s for elitists not you….right Rick Santorum?
This shit was a set up from the beginning and Zimmerman is the worst kind of predator.

His racist bullshit seems geared towards anything harmless, unassuming, unguarded, defenseless, “not seeing shit coming” type of BLACK kid.
With too much time on his hands, this bitch sits and waits to see who walks by his window - then it's off to the races. It doesn't take much to set him off on his delusions that he is protecting his neighbors from the “black threat”.

Just being a young black man is sufficient enough.

In short, this is what happened…
He called 911
Followed Mr. Martin
Walks up to Mr. Martin
Assasinates Mr. Martin
And walks away.
And in their response, the police in the area, are just as bad, and they are his accomplices in this crime.

If you read the story, and the people who have stepped up and told what they saw and heard that evening, these “men” with badges have switched shit up, have dismissed witnesses, and basically turned this shit into a cold case file.

But not so the Justice Department and the FBI are now involved.
So, now the police department has to actually do some work. I guess sending a narcotics officer instead of an homicide officer to the scene is not going to cut it now that the Feds are involved.

Once again, Black people again are asked not to be so sensitive to the matter - justice will be served and this too shall pass.
Black Americans should not be asked “to settle” and be calm for the same shit all day, every day.
The minute you get a rise out of our collective asses, the media portrays us as overreacting. Slavery has been over for years, so what is the big deal, right? Well, if you had to deal with this kind of irregular behavior on a daily basis or hear of someone who has, you would react too.

Imagine your own race for a minute….

Imagine being pulled over, searched, and being called every name in the KKK handbook, except the name on your birth certificate.

Imagine going into a store and becoming the immediate priority of the security staff or the flip side - being treated if you don’t belong there and being ignored.

Imagine hearing a racist asshole begin every excuse with "I'm Just A Concerned Citizen…."

Imagine hearing something stereotypical and demeaning come out of someone’s mouth and then excuse those words by saying that they aren’t racist because they know someone black.

Imagine being a person of dark complexion and hearing jokes that demean your color – the skin you were born in.

Imagine a person that doesn’t cave into straightening their hair “European style” and wears a natural hair style, being treated differently or having to endure people wanting to “touch” their hair like they are in a petting zoo.

Imagine folks clutching their bags or purses as you walk by. (That shit has happened to me and I'm a woman.)

Imagine people expecting every word that comes out of your mouth to be some combination of urban rap or plantation speak and the blatant look of shock when it doesn’t. “He/she speaks so well” isn’t necessarily a compliment.

Imagine your individual life’s experience being merged with every other person who happens to share your color, it is like no black person has an identity, we are all one big episode of “Good Times”.

Imagine being blamed for all the short comings of this country despite the fact that you only make up about 13% of the population. TV really put out the message that those “darkeys are running this country into the ground”.

We’re the only race thrown under the bus on a regular basis and while under the bus, the driver turns our ass into a speed bump…going forward, reverse, forward, and reverse several times.

Try to put yourself in the place of the parents whose child was gunned down by some fat fuck who took it upon himself to do an unlawful citizen’s assassination because apparently he doesn't think black kids should walk around without their freedom papers or their master tagging along!

Who made this ass the trustee of the gated community? I guess the badge in his head was all he needed to carry out his mission.

I think one of the craziest things to emerge from this case was Predator’s dad saying that he isn’t racist – he is half Hispanic after all. Really? Being half Hispanic makes you above racism now? He is probably self-hating too.

Obviously, if this predator is arrested, there are a few things I see coming….

Because of the numerous 911 calls, his defense attorney will say he's insane or was temporarily so, and if his case goes to trial, he will be guilty by reason of insanity.

Or, his attorney could really stress the fact that Predator was defending himself, against the person who he was actually stalking, and used his last resort, his gun, when the teen asked him why he was following him.

The Predator will get seven years and be out in three years, when he gets out; he will apply and receive permission to again carry a firearm.
He will then slip into his old ways, and the Predator will begin his assault on black folks again.

Too many times, this is how the story begins and ends.

Black lives are seemingly not worth much in this society, and the younger they are, the more people shake their heads and tsk, tsk, and turn away. Not enough is done to protect lives.

For once I would like to see a happy ending.

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