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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Texas Loses Entire Women's Health Program Over Planned Parenthood Law

For the women that happen to be in love with the Republican Party,
here's something else to love.

Rick Perry, that stiff shirt dick who happens to be governor of Texas, has decided to shut down Medicaid funding for family planning to the state of Texas. He accomplished this by cutting off state funding which is a violation of federal law.

This funding provided female cancer screenings, contraceptives and basic health care for at least 130,000 of low-income women every year, most don't have any type of insurance.

The main reason he decided to discontinue state funding?

Well, some of the Planned Parenthood clinics provide abortions.

Conveniently and ignorantly pushing ahead this legislation though state or federal funding is never used to pay for the procedure, Rick has effectively screwed over poor and young women who won't have any access for screenings any longer - good job, Mr. Perry. I guess seeing what you're doing in your own state makes me glad your failed presidential run went no where fast.

So Ricky, you have an issue with some women making up her own mind about her own life and body, so you shut down whole clinics? Sounds like a dictator move, but then you are from Texas, where real men are men and women are girls, right?

This is another way for so called Christians and Republican MEN to decide what the fuck they see fit for women to do with our bodies.

The recent Congressional committee on contraceptive healthcare coverage is a perfect example of that. How the hell do you have a committee deciding what should be included for a woman's good or bad, and there's not a woman on the committee?

How the fuck is that possible.

Women ...wake the fuck up!!1

While were on the subject of women, where the hell are all the prominent, independent women of each state and the District of Washington D.C.

We'll get a few sprinkles here and there, but why don't I get a steady dose of Hillary, Condolezza, Whoopi, Rosie, Oprah, and Nancy P.?

I don't need a new car, I need one of you to take the wheel and drive it till the wheels fall off!!!

Men in Washington or in your own state, will throw that Christian word out there, and some of you dumb asses will fall hook, line, and sinker for the okey doke.

They say one thing that you may agree with, then they starting adding shit on that bill that you knew nothing about and wasn't mentioned.

I am not a fan of some religions, abortions, fat people wearing tight clothes. But I don't play God and try and judge and force people to bend to my will.

But thats the way of the world.
We are supposed to disagree.
We are supposed to be different.
And, I wouldn't want to be like everyone else.

I think what disgust me most, is that the rich want us act just like them.
Just not be rich.

That 1% wants to control every aspect of your life, so you aren't a problem for their comfort and continued success. They do this by paying legislators and candidates to push their agendas through - you have to love those Super PACs!

Now for you submissive bitches, like Santorum's wife, stay in your fucking lane, and keep quiet like you've been doing. All you are going to say is an echo of your husband anyway. I don't expect to put a dent in that "Stepford Wife" brain of yours.

In the meantime, independent women, we have to stick together, it is not only this generation at stake!

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