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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Politician Makes Disgusting Remark Towards Women Concerning New Abortion Law

Republican Governor, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, of course, he's a Republican, said, "just close your eyes".

Ladies, let the magic happen. That's right ease into it.

Governor Tommy supports the "Woman's Right To Know Act", that is really an underhanded method of trying to guilt and shame women who are making a decision about terminating their pregnancies.

In this extreme waste of funds and resources, basically, a doctor gives you an ultrasound. You get not one but two personalized images of the fetal image. Then, the patient must listen to a detail of the fetal heartbeat before the doctor performs the abortion procedure.

Tommy says this is not intrusive, because it's not exactly probing your snatch internally. As long as its "jelly to belly", he doesn't think there's a problem. And he is forgetting about the actual language of the bill that includes the use of the transvaginal ultrasound that actually involves a probe inserted into a woman's vagina.

Yeah, lie back and take it, nothing like state sanctioned rape!

But au contraire, Tommy, there is a problem.

If a woman is there to have that particular procedure performed,
she doesn't want to see an image or hear a fucking heartbeat.
Trust me, a decision like that isn't made lightly by the majority of women who have it done, no matter what that pro-life leaflet and your Republican tennis buddy told you.

Here we go again placing your values above mine.

I guess when these radical ass pro-lifer folks bombing and killing people in the name of God was getting out of hand, they had to find a new way of upping the level of fuckery.

Ladies, this bill eventually will spread across America.

These Republicans are like rats and roaches.

They gather in bunches and 90% of them have the same mind frame like a fucking fungus. For people who don't have vaginas, they'd like you to think they know exactly what is correct for those who do.

Let's wreck some shit and leave it destroyed and in shambles and the shit being wrecked usually as to deal with a woman's body.

I don't want anyone,especially a man telling me what is best for me.

Where the hell were you conservative bitches were when funding for ovarion or breast cancer was being cut and delayed?
I know - making sure that there were male erection medication being rushed to the marketplace, we do have our priorities, right?

When did all this "turn back the clock" shit happen?

You're telling me, as a woman, i'm incapable of making a sound decision concerning my life and body? I am just a wayward girl who needs guidance from a compentent male and some brainwashed females to show me the right way?

Anything regarding my mind, body, and soul should be left up to some stiff shirt bitch right? Forget individual rights and thoughts.


Stay in your lane "Christians", I never merge into your shit when its business as usual for you.

Meaning, when you "faithful fucks" are caught in a hotel with a high priced whore, doing a line of coke, while your wife is at home, I don't get a grassroots group together to try and get a law passed to persecute your ass.

Then again, how do you really see women?

Be seen, be quiet, and do what I say as a male.

Lay there with your legs spread eagle, and shut the fuck up!!

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