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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Tale of Three Short Stories Involving Stupidity

In the first of our tales, it seems that the threats that Jennifer Hudson’s brother-in-law’s made against her family is going to be admissible in his upcoming trial.
William Balfour,the idiot now ex-husband of Jennifer Hudson's sister, Julia, made numerous threats leading up to the murders of three members of the Hudson clan.
The defense didn't want the public to hear any of the rants and threats towards the Hudson family and lost their final request to have the details banned from trial.

William became upset that Julian traded up on his ass, rightfully so, and decided to get another fella - one with a job and hobbies other than drinking a 40 while sitting out front in his boy's car and standing in front of the neighborhood liquor store watching day turn into night.

Could you blame her?

I'd get tired of seeing that white t-shirt wearing idiot, gang banging, being ignorant, and twisting his damn fingers too.

Short Stack later became so enraged that he shot, no, he murdered,the mother and the brother of Julia and Jennifer, and for his sick finale murdered Julia's son after a day's search for him.

So, let's just say, Balfour, you will be spending the last years of your life in prison. In other words, enjoy becoming someone's Bottom Bitch - don't forget your lube!

Our second tale involves a woman who threw alcohol in a CTA driver’s face during a weekend's fare dispute.

I know I shouldn't type this, but this is one of those occasions where you wish that maybe the person was diagnosed as missing a few screws. It would explain a lot about their actions. Unfortunately, that kind of information hasn't come to light yet, so, this is just effed up!

Our liquid wielding damsel's name is Patricia Washington. Seems that, Patty became upset with the CTA bus driver when he told her that the bus pass she tried to use was invalid and no good.
When the driver asked Patty to leave the bus, Patricia pulled out the closest thing to a weapon out of her purse that she could find - rubbing alcohol, and proceeded to toss it in the bus driver's face.

Well, witnesses on the bus got involved and when the smoke cleared, you had two people in the hospital. One patient being the bus driver, who suffered chemical burns to the eye, and the other patient being Patty.
Apparently, the witnesses opened a can of whip ass on Patty, before she was taken into custody...serves her right for making them late and having to fill out witness reports!

Our last story in our trio of stupid stories, involves two teen girls in China who committed suicide to travel back in time - no, you read right!

The two friends wanted to travel back in time to find a remote that one had misplaced. It seems that the girl was extremely afraid to tell her parents and afraid of the discipline that would follow, so one of them or both, came up with the idea of traveling back in time to find the remote. They got this idea from a popular television program about some Back to the Future ish!

I don't think they were able to make it back to the past....wherever they are now, I do believe they wish they could go back in time, to undo this stupid ass act of suicide.

You think China censorship is harsh now....

Just wait, the whole country will be subjected to only Godzilla movies and Spectra Man 24/7.

Is it just me, or are kids getting dumb as hell when it comes to common sense? Has all this computer gameplay made them oblivious to real life and its pitfalls? Life ain't the Sims, kids.

I loved Fat Albert as a kid, but I knew I shouldn't drag my ass through a dumpsite or junkyard to hang out with my friends.

Now, young folks need a block of instructions for everything.

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