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Sunday, June 17, 2012

No Warrant Is Required for GPS Tracking of U.S. Citizens

So, let's get this straight - the government now has the right to use GPS technology on my car to gather information on me without a warrant? Really???? Of course, I'm being smug right now because the government has being using high-tech toys to track our asses for a while now. When I say while, I mean since at least since the beginning of the CIA. I'm just surprised that the goverment is coming forth with this information. Maybe it is a heads-up for the more intense intrusions into our personal lives that will be coming in the near future. Trust me, it is going to get worse, folks. For those of you in America, who thought that you were flying under the radar and off the grid, well, think again. Everything that is a "modern innovation" in your possession has GPS capability. Your cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, mp3 players, gaming systems, credit, gas, and debit cards, bus & transit cards, and not be be redundant your car's GPS system. Don't be mistaken, the Feds know where you've been, when you were there, who you were with, how you got there, and how long you stayed. Apparently, "Big Brother" has been watching everyone; but the right ones. You would think with all this silent tracking, we'd be in better shape with all the kidnappers, rapists, terrorists, murderers, Tea Party members, and knuckleheads hanging about. Nope, this is just another right of ours being blatantly and slowly taken away. We splice and dice and give fancy terms to the verbiage; but it's all the same. The moment Big Brother tells us what they are doing, they are already well ahead in their plan of taking more of our constitutional rights away. We are basically several steps behind and playing least those of us who care enough to notice, protest, and resist. While we rush to get the newest, best, and latest version of the gadget of the hour, remember, there is a double side to modern mobility and technology. Cars that can automatically turn off if you using your cellphone while driving, cars that can gauge if you are too drunk to drive (kinda like that one), smart cars that will drive and park for you, phones that plan and suggest your schedule - these are great innovations; but they do cause us to do less independent thinking, and have more reliance on objects and trust in what the government tells us what is good for us as a society. Think about it.

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