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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Martin Luther King's children at it again!!

We're only in the first week of black history month.

Here's what's going on with THEM King kids.

Bernice, Dexter and Martin III...better known as Martin Luther King Jr's kids, are at it again!

Martin III & Dexter are suing their sister Bernice.

They want what appears to be the most valuable assets left of Dr. King's legacy!

A bible that he carried and his Nobel Peace Prize.

The very thing he practiced & preached,
(PEACE) didn't translate to his kids!

They didn't get the memo.

I'm guessing all four including Yolanda(deceased) agreed to never part with these two items.

Since Yolanda's passing, these three have been crabs in a barrel.

One moment its Bernice and Dexter against Martin III.

One moment its Bernice and Martin III against Dexter.

So now its Martin III and Dexter against Bernice.

Questions have swirled around THEM King kids for years.

How THEM King kids have run Dr. King's estate in the ground.

So busy drowning each other that THEM King kids only come up for air to grab another piece of history to sell.

I can say for me, that this was supposed be our Camelot (Kennedys) for Black America.

This was supposed to be a first family for generations to come.

Before Barack and Michelle, they were the last family that we looked to for hope.

That we as Black Americans could hold heads high, chest out and smile with pride.

Well that shit ain't happening.

At this point it's kind of comical

As my dad said "We took a lot back then".

Lot meaning a lot of ass beatings just for being black.

So I'm wondering what the fuck was it for?

We should  celebrate and cherish what Dr. King accomplished

But THEM King kids won't allow that!

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