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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Response To A Reader

Black Disciples Leader Who Ran Drugs & Gun Trade, Dead at 60:

I will be the first to apologize if a reader thinks I may have crossed the line.

What I will never do is apologize for bringing to light incidents that happened in the past that brought pain, suffering, drugs, and loss in the black community.

So Anonymous: Person without a name, here's to you.

You friend at 37 years of age, can't school me on any events that occurred during Jerome Freeman's time on this earth.

The Jerome that you saw was the watered down version. A man that was to spend the rest of his life in prison. What else is there to do but either become more bitter or find religion?

Maybe you should have met him in his heyday when you didn't follow orders or was part of a rival gang.

Between videos and Jerome's own admission, he clearly stated that he did some things in his past that he was not proud of.

That's where my information came from, along with interviewing people who were either around Jerome or saw first hand what "Shorty" did to OUR community.

So, I guess being the head MOFO of the Black Disciples was my and everyone's imagination.

Hey Anonymous, try telling people who loss a family member at the hands of Jerome or asking a person who survived an ass beating at the hands of Jerome or one of his boys. 

Ladies and Gentleman, that's our problem.

It's not just Jerome, the minute an athlete, or some thug off the street get a hint of being behind bars, what do we do?

Remove the dredlocks and cornrolls and find Jesus. We're saved!!

We uphold or find an excuse for someone who had no respect for authority, or another person's life.

Again, what do we do? I don't believe they killed anyone. Or here's a good one. 

What he did in the past is just that, the past.

How dare you or anyone ask me to forget crimes committed against our community.

This is the second anonymous comment I received, concerning two different people that committed murder.

They lived to see another day. Unfortunately the people  they killed, didn't.

Jerome, "pardon the pun" got away with murder.

So excuse me if I don't have a little sympathy towards a man that had a cold heart, showed no remorse during his tenure as one of  the biggest drug and arms dealers in history.


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