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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cicero Mayor’s Nephew Used Stolen Cop Car to Steal Beer From Jewels

Black Sheep: A term used to describe the most fucked up person in one's family (and every family has one).

This term of endearment truly belongs to the nephew of Cicero Township's President, Joseph M. Terrana.

Joseph is a 41 year old with the mind of a slow 12 year old.
You see, Joseph's aunt married the mayor of Town of Cicero Larry Dominick 2007. I point this out, because this is when that dark,black cloud named, Joseph began to loom over Cicero.

While on probation from an incident in 2005, Joe was hired as garbage man for Cicero. Seems like a good job, not too challenging, right? Turns out that our hero was forced to resign from the garbage position in 2009 because of "alleged improprieties". One of those "improprieties" was shoplifting from a Jewel in Arlington Heights.

In 2010, J.T. was fired from the Cicero/ Berwyn high school district because he tested positive for five illegal substances in his system.

In January 2011, J. T. was hired yet again for the township of Cicero as a partime driver for senior citizens when that ole thirst for shoplifting beer came back.

A couple of days ago, J.T. decided to take his show on the road to a Jewel in Stickney,IL.

Unfortunately, the Stickney Police were waiting on J.T. as he rolled out a shopping cart full of beer. They witnessed him placing his stolen goods inside of a marked car labeled, "Town of Cicero" and it gets better folks, Joe was also wearing an official "Town of Cicero" employee jacket.

They were clued to be on the watch out because J.T., that slow motherfucker, had been caught on camera the day before shoplifting beer and laundry detergent. This man really needs to stay the hell away from the Jewel chain of stores - bad things happen when he is near!

Let's focus on the postive - yes, there is a positive.

J.T. is so stupid to rob the same place twice in two days and that the Stickney Police were waiting on him to save him from himself.

Now lets try the negative...

Shame on the Mayor and his wife for giving this idiot chances at gainful employment that a person not related to a town official would get.

It's always sickening the blatant favortism given to friends and family of elected government employees.

Word has it that the Mayor had no knowledge of Joe T.'s issues with the law, drink, and drugs; but I'm sure the Mayor's wife did and I'm sure the Mayor did. You know who the fuck-ups are in your family. J.T.'s track record of excellence didn't just start this past week!

And to really add insult to injury, upon being arrested, J.T. had the nerve to use the Mayor's place of residence as his address.

Don't feel sorry for J.T., he is a survivor. For now, he still has his job driving around senior citizens for Cicero Township. He will probably drive their asses to Jewel to help out on his next beer heist, I mean run.

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